Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go to the NEW Nugg Doctor

(Boulder-CO) This site is obsolete! If you're here and wondering what's going on with the Denver Nuggets head over to the NEW and IMPROVED NUGG DOCTOR! What are you waiting for? Bang the link!

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laylow45 said...

What bothers me about the nuggets is that the nugggets have no play in the 4th quarter we need to run a pick and roll with billups and anthony in thise situations where we need a basket we can't keep hoping those threes that billups takes deep in the 4th and a mile away fro$ the basket we have to run a pick and roll with anthony and billups anthony is the best shooter in the nba and he will het to the line I just don't understand why we don't run a great play between the two but I'm just a fan