Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nuggets Double-Dipping for Guards

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets are reportedly going to double-dip right before packing their bags and start heading for Durango. Seven-year veteran Anthony Carter and Elias Ayuso have both told the Rocky Mountain News that they are each expecting to sign one-year non-guaranteed contracts to play for the Nuggets. Carter said, “I'm trying to make a great impression. Hopefully, I can get that third spot.” Obviously Carter knows that the two point guards higher on the depth chart on this team are Andre Miller and Earl Boykins.

Carter is coming off a season in Minnesota where he only played in 45 games averaging thirteen minutes per. He posted stats of 3.3 points, 2.2 assists, and 1.4 rebounds. Pretty typical of a third option at point.

Friday, September 29, 2006

DerMarr to Der-Return

(Boulder-CO) With the unfortunate inability to accommodate the likes of Bonzi Wells. It looks as if DerMarr Johnson will be back playing for the Denver Nuggets. The returning Nugget is rumored to be close to a deal that will pay him $932,015 for his services rendered in 2006-07. He doesn’t want to jinx anything by speculating any further. Good thinking too, because if I were a betting man, I surely would of lost my bread that DerMarr would have been back.

I look at this kind of move by the Nuggets to be more out of necessity rather than desire. The Nuggets have really been actively trying to lure some type of scorer at shooting guard. The only problem is they have come up empty.

DerMarr is listed as a 6’9” small forward, but Nuggets fans know that he is really a back-up shooting guard. Mainly because he really doesn’t crash the boards like a front court player. Last year, Johnson had averages of 6.1 points, 0.9 assists, and 1.6 rebounds. He made 21 starts and appeared in 58 total games last season. The only bright spot in all the aforementioned stat line is that DerMarr shot a decent looking 35% from downtown. He has got that little set shot from deep in the corner that is his most potent offensive weapon.

Sometimes you gotta go with what you got in the stable, and for the Nuggets, it looks as if that time is now. Good to see DerMarr back. My friend Ryan over at will be bummed. He wanted to see what he calls, “His main man DerMarr” with his Raptors. Sorry Ryan, maybe next year!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Slow Road Back

(Boulder-CO) The road back to basketball has another obstacle in it for Julius Hodge to navigate. After being out of commission as a result of an altercation at a Denver night club the Nuggets small forward has developed an infection in his foot. Hodge is already recovering from four gunshot wounds suffered back in the beginning of April after fleeing said hot spot. Best of luck to Julius Hodge and all his efforts to get back to basketball. In a side note of the case, no suspects have been apprehended in connection to Hodge’s shooting.

No Bonzi, but the Outlook is Still Good

(Boulder-CO) Its officially over. The Denver Nuggets have not acquired Bonzi Wells as his agent is reporting a two-year deal has been agreed upon with the Houston Rockets. Don’t worry Nuggets fans, everything is going to be alright. I would of liked to see Bonzi in Denver, as many of us would have, but things are still looking on the up and up.

The reasons for my optimistic outlook are multi-faceted. First off is the report of Nene playing in full court 5-on-5 games at Pepsi Center. In a story from the Rocky Mountain News, Gillen is quoted saying, “We'll monitor him daily when he starts training camp. He's doing good.” Sounds reassuring doesn’t it?

As for the rest of my optimism. It is rooted in the first Yakhouba reference I’ve seen all off season. I think that Diawara is going to surprise some people. He is a good shooter, especially from beyond the three point line, and can really hold his own on defense. I think that J.R. Smith is also going to resurrect his young career here in Denver. Smith is a player that can only improve. Being surrounded by veterans like Marcus Camby and Joe Smith will be positive for him. While the infectious winning attitude of Carmelo Anthony should also rub off on Smith, and others, for a favorable outcome.

And the final front that has me thinking positively about this year’s chances for improvement is oddly rooted around Kenyon Martin. I’ve been very outspoken about the way I feel about Kenyon, but that doesn’t mean that if a new leaf is turned that I am not capable of forgiveness. I gauge a lot of how I feel by what the other players are saying about their teammates. In the same Rocky Mountain News article, Marcus Camby states, “Guys on this team are all for one. What happened last year is over with. He has a clean slate with everybody.” Marcus is also quoted in the Denver Post saying other positive things about the situation. Camby said, “He's been here the majority of the summer working out and getting his knee healthy. He said he feels great and is ready to return to his All-Star form.”

Can you imagine a team with this kind of potential if all that has been said can be truthful in the long run? Picture this, Carmelo Anthony is this team’s leader and franchise player. Combine him with another career effort from Marcus Camby on the defensive glass and swatting shots. Add a healthy and positive Kenyon Martin and Nene. Then squeeze a twist of Yakhouba Diawara and dollop of J.R. Smith and things are looking pretty damn good. We all know what Reggie Evans brings to the gym, and the cherry on top is the play of Earl Boykins. Earl hasn’t been making the headlines this summer, but he is still an X-factor. Putting all these guys together and having them fall into their needed roles is all Coach Karl has to figure out. It may take a couple weeks to see how players mesh, but I think that the Nuggets have all the ingredients for success

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh Lord, Wont You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz…I mean Bonzi

(Boulder-CO) Fresh off the ticker at is a rumor that the pending deal between the Warriors and Bobcats has fallen through and that Bonzi Wells’ agent is trying to get his client to Denver. Friends at are breaking the story here.

This could be the monumental move we have all been waiting for and the biggest acquisition of the off season for the Nuggies. If the Nuggets can manage to sneak away with Bonzi Wells. Denver will be buzzin’ like a bumble bee in a vibrating chair! If this rumor does come to fruition, the Nugget will most likely have the starting five of Andre Miller and Bonzi in the backcourt and the front line of Camby, K-Mart (grumble, grumble), and ‘Melo.

The only thing I’ll add at this juncture is that if the Nuggets do end up with Bonzi the rest of the Western Conference will be getting this memo: The Nuggets are for real!

The New Ball, Why?

(Boulder-CO) The lack of relevant news on the Nuggets, the anticipation of the 2006-07 season, and my outright boredom have led me to write this article about the new official NBA game ball. To check out the new look rock go to and see for yourself. My only question is after all these years why the change now?

I can understand the elimination of the laces from the original rock, obviously due to the need for dribbling, but I had no idea the rock of today would be soon looked at as a historical relic. ran the story on the new ball a few months ago. They report and I quote, “The design is comprised of two interlocking, cross-shaped panels rather than the eight oblong panels found on traditional basketballs. As a result, there is more material coverage. The material is a micro fiber composite with moisture management that provides superior grip and feel throughout the course of a game.”

They also add this in the article, “Additionally, the new composite material eliminates the need for a break-in period, which is necessary for the current leather ball, and achieves consistency from ball to ball.” I haven’t yet touched this new, “wonder ball” yet, but I do have some thoughts about it.

First off I would like to say that I am not of giant stature, but even still, I can palm a regulation size basketball with either hand. With this being said, how can men of such size and strength have any trouble holding onto the basketball the way it is? When watching the NBA it would appear to me that 99.9% of the players can grab the ball as if it were an orange. Making it even stickier with a micro fiber composite material could only mean one thing; Even more palming and carrying of the basketball! Which I thought the NBA was trying to make an emphasis on to really watch out for... I’m not a NBA player (as if I needed to say that), but I felt that all the indoor-use only balls that I have ever played with were sticky enough, but hey what do I know?

Now on to the design. The new paneling of the ball would appear to be harder to grab and hold onto because there is less of a tread for your fingers to grip. I know when I’m doing my best Michael Jordan impression my fingers are locked into those grooves. Now with less grooves it would appear that such luxuries are lost. Why this is better I do not know.

All in all it just seemed to me to be a marketing strategy by Spalding and the NBA. The new ball will obviously give hoop fans a reason to go down to the local sporting goods store and shell out God knows how much. The real question to be answered is how many ballers will embrace it? Henry Abbott ran a story just recently with Kwame Brown that brought the new ball into question. When asked about the ball, Kwame said he hated it! To check the full read click here, but until the new rock gets released to the public on Halloween it is just another wait-and-see.

Calm Before the Calamity

(Boulder-CO) Alright Nuggets fans it is not in my nature to allow the site to stay stale with little to no news, but right now the scene is a figurative graveyard. Everyone around the league is waiting to hear from Bonzi. The Nuggets will without a doubt make a move when that decision is made. Until then there just isn't very much to report... Rest assured though Nuggets faithful, when something does break, you can hear it first right here on The Nugg Doctor. Until then, fans can hear me on my first Podcast over at talk about everything that is Nuggets. The spot is dropping later this afternoon and Ryan over at hoopsaddict should make it available shortly after. Stay tuned Nuggets fans because I think this brief silence is going to be followed by absolute pandemonium. Not to mention the start of the season is right around the corner!

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Fiasco is Brewing

(Boulder-CO) This post is merely a reminder and a public service announcement, that a fellow NBA blogger is going to be hosting an, “Opening Day Fiasco”. The Fiasco is going to feature some of the top writers in the game and will focus each team’s opening night predictions. Jim Dunn is the publisher of which focuses its content on the Detroit Pistons. The fiasco should be a fun way for many of us to compete with our friends from other sites and sharpen our handicapping skills for the upcoming season. If you're interested in participating head over to my links list and get a hold of Jim. There are a few teams left to be snatched up so don’t delay!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just Another Top Ten List

(Boulder-CO) The following is a list that I just couldn’t help myself to compile. There has been some really good ones out there, but I might as well throw my two cents in the game. I chose my list by scrutinizing each player’s game down to the real nitty-gritty and their current status as of right now. Things like how tough a guy is ranging to how clutch they are in the final seconds were also put into consideration. It wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be, but here it is:

1. Kobe Bryant: The real deal. Kobe Bryant does what he wants to whoever he wants and opposing players just hope they don’t end up on a poster. Kobe Bryant is the league’s top scorer at a clip of 35.4 a night and is also snagging five boards. His 81 point performance is stuff of legends not to mention he is a dominant defender who often draws the other team's best man. If you want to get beat off the dribble, Kobe can do it. If you want to get shook in the post, he can do that too. Fast break? No problem, whether he is finishing it off or leading it. He is coming off another 1st Team NBA Selection and will, unless unforeseen disaster strikes, be named again in 2007. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league, hands down.

2. LeBron James: On the potential scale, he is limitless. LeBron James is a force that is so versatile it would be blasphemy to not put him in the top three players on the planet. He is the closest thing to mimic Oscar Robertson-esque play since well, Oscar Robertson. He posts averages, (31.4 points, seven rebounds, and 6.6 assists), that are just cuckoo for his age. He is mature way beyond his years and it is probably not a matter of if he will win a championship, but rather a matter of when. Named to the 1st Team All-NBA in 2006, this might have been the easiest pick in the whole damn thing. He means everything to the Cavaliers. Without him they might as well close up shop. Keep printing the money Cleveland, he is worth every penny.

3. Dwayne Wade: Coming of a peak-performance in the NBA Finals was enough for me to put D-Wade in the top five in the league. Championships are hard to come by, but Wade has got one already. Maybe the most exciting finisher in the NBA, Wade is simply electric. He scores in bunches and can also be one of the sneakiest players on the defensive end of the floor. Scoring 27.2 points per game and dishing out 6.7 assists a night makes Dwayne an irreplaceable component of the Miami Heat and a shoe-in to make pretty much any list out there.

4. Steve Nash: Eh Steve, you didn’t think I was going to forget about the Association’s MVP did you? Not many people in the NBA’s great history have repeated as the league’s MVP, but Nash is forever in elite company. He is accountable for almost forty points, (18.8 points and 10.5 assists), just by himself and is tops in the league when it comes to the intangibles like leadership, dictating the pace of the game, and making the extra pass. Wet jumper and tight handles make Steve Nash an unbelievable talent like no one else in the game. Straight baller.

5. Allen Iverson: Being six feet tall has been no obstacle for the Answer. Coming in second to Kobe in scoring, Allen Iverson puts up 33 a night. He gets his team involved at a tune of 7.4 assists a game and if it were a list based on heart. AI would be #1. He plays hurt more than he is healthy and was a 3rd Team All-NBA selection last season. Allen Iverson is a scorer that can do it anyway possible, including some of the most impossible shots at the cost of his body.

6. Dirk Nowitzki: Where’s Scooby is all I can think about when I see Dirk. The German superstar makes us all rethink what a 7-footer can do on the offensive end of the floor. He can shoot the trey, fade-away, and dribble like a small forward. Dirk Nowitzki is coming off his first All-NBA 1st team selection and an NBA Finals appearance. He will have his work cut out for him to keep pace with his impressive stat line from 2006, but with any luck, Dirk could quite possibly improve his numbers.

7. Shaquille O’Neal: Winning his fourth championship with his second team makes Shaq a no-brainer. He makes his team better by presence alone. Playing less minutes doesn’t make Shaq any less effective as he posted averages of 20 points, 9.2 boards, 1.9 blocks in 2006. He is the last true remaining center, and as long as he stays healthy will always be a force to be reckoned with. Even with a drop in numbers, Shaq was still 1st Team All-NBA in 2006 for the seventh consecutive time. He has been at the top of the game for a long time without losing the limelight.

8. Kevin Garnett: The biggest name that could use a change in scenery. Just because the Timberwolves can’t get their act together, doesn’t take anything away from the game of the “Big Ticket”. A true anomaly when it comes to athletics, Kevin Garnett does things for a man his size that just should not be possible. KG is about as rounded as a player as you’ll find in the NBA. He gives you 12.7 rebounds, 21.8 points, and four dimes every night and never complains about a thing. He embodies everything that the word, “professional”, means in a league that sometimes doesn’t.

9. Carmelo Anthony: ‘Melo is the most clutch player with the game on the line. After a sophomore slump, Carmelo bounced back and was a 3rd Team All-NBA selection in 2006. Averaging 26.5 points a game, eighth best in the league, makes Carmelo a franchise player. He is probably the hottest stock in the NBA after an unbelievable FIBA run. Carmelo can either rise on this list or drop out of it depending on his stability, but there is no question that as of right now the sky is the limit.

10. Tim Duncan: “The Big Fundamental” may not be winning championships at the same rate as he was, but he keeps the Spurs in the hunt every year. Named to the 2nd Team All-NBA was a slip in a way, but his game is hardly slippin’. Timmy still gives you 18.6 points and eleven rebounds. With the most tender bank shot in league and stifling D, Tim Duncan is an elite player still. Don’t get it twisted.

So that is it. Comment if you wish, rearrange or totally disregard it. I just thought I would throw my two cents…which is probably all this list is worth!

Rocky Mountain High on J.R.

(Boulder-CO) Latest and greatest out of Denver concerning J.R. Smith is if the season were to start today he would be the starter. Reports of J.R. looking great are abundant and are starting to leak out to the streets. He has reportedly shown the desire to defensively step up his game to the level that his offense is capable of.

The Nuggets have been playing in pick-up games at Pepsi Center and J.R. has been really holding his own. It would seem that the Nuggets are going to do everything they are capable of to land Bonzi Wells, but this type of news is reassuring just in case such fate doesn’t become a reality. If J.R. can forget the first few years of struggling for playing time in New Orleans, take what he has learned in a couple of years in this league, and apply that to a golden opportunity in Denver. He has no reason to not succeed here. This was a guy coming out of high school that everyone knew possessed the athletic ability to be a force in this league. Sometimes it takes a young guy a few years to understand just what it is going to take in this league to cut the mustard and hopefully those years are past for Smith. Remember a guy named Kobe that took a couple of years to find his game?

As for the chance to become a major contributor on a team that could really make waves… That is solely up to J.R. to seize the opportunity. I can not think of a team in this league that needs someone to step up at the two spot more. If, and hopefully when, J.R. proves to be the guy for the Nuggets. Opposing teams in the league need to watch out. The Nuggets are a legitimate 50 win team if they can stay healthy with the guys they got. They can only get better with guys like J.R. capitalizing on the situation at hand and with any other trades that may go down between now and the opening night. Which, by the way, can not come quick enough!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Congratulations to Papa Carmelo and Mama La La!

(Boulder-CO) Sometimes it is nice to get a story like this one. The Nuggets All-World forward Carmelo Anthony is an expectant father. He and fiancĂ© La La, a MTV VJ, have confirmed that they have a baby due in March of 2007. The two love birds have been engaged since Christmas of 2004, and plan on being married after the birth of their child. La La has been a MTV VJ on TRL, and ‘Melo, among other things, is behind the record label Kross Over Entertainment. May their child be healthy and happy with best wishes from The Nugg Doctor.

Eddie Can Read the Writing on the Wall

(Boulder-CO) Nuggets forward Eduardo Najera is the featured story in a La Voz article in Mexico. Due to only having high school Spanish language comprehension, I can not deliver the entire jest, if you will, but the underlining story is the crowding the Nuggets have in their front line. The one quote from that is in English has Eduardo stating, “The team has a lot of talent, but the thing that concerns me is there are nine players fighting to get a spot in the paint. Not enough minutes for everyone, I think.”

With a surfeit of trade rumors circulating almost non stop this off season, and the collection of forwards and centers the Nuggets have amassed, I think that Najera can read the writing on the wall. Interesting in connection with this story is Bonzi Wells is rumored to be very close to landing a deal with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are a team that do not have much bulk in their front court, and I would not be surprised even if Bonzi signs with Houston, if he ends up with Denver in a sign and trade. I still stand firm on the guys that I think will be traded by the start of the season being Martin and Najera. Connecting the imaginary lines for a moment, it makes sense for the Rockets to be looking to acquire some of the Nuggets bigs.

Najera is a player that plays much better than his physical gifts may permit him. He is a consistent hustler, great locker room presence, and plays on heart every minute he touches the floor. He offers a team his services with very little maintenance. He is not a guy who is going to complain about minutes, touches, or shots. He does what he can in the minutes he earns. If Eddie does get traded, he will be missed in Denver.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Welcome to the 36th Carnival of the NBA!

(Boulder-CO) Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the 36th Carnival of the NBA! We are all very anxious for the 2006-07 season to begin, but until then we keep this traveling group of entertainers, oddities, and artists on display here at The Nugg Doctor. There is a sucker, um I mean winner, born every minute. So don't be shy folks, step right up and indulge your senses in the finest collection that the NBA blogosphere has ever seen!
Be sure to stop at all this Carnival has to offer, and enjoy your stay at NBA Carnival 36: Nugg Doctor Style!
~This Carnival features rare oddities from around globe~
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What Carnival would be complete without a side show attraction of the less fortunate for you to gawk at? Well, here at The Nugg Doctor we like to call those who make this list, "The lonely Lost-Links of the NBA". These are some great sites that didn't have much to feature because they themselves are the main attraction. Enjoy!
And there you have it, The 36th Carnival of the NBA. It has been a great pleasure to host this edition and I hope that everyone enjoys the last few calm days of the off season because the 2006-07 season is right around the corner. Thanks to all of you who contributed and may we all be safe in the future. Until next time...

Seventh Best in the West

(Boulder-CO) On a sleepy Saturday I wouldn’t expect much to be brewing in the land of NBA, but there is a little article out there right now on ESPN that is baffling to me to say the least. Marc Stein has produced a list of how he feels that the teams in the Western Conference stack up according to their off season wheeling and dealing and he only puts the Nuggets at seventh overall.

Ahead of the Nuggets are the New Orleans Hornets, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and the Houston Rockets. He states that this isn’t a list generated on how good these respected teams are going to do in the upcoming season, but still how he rationalizes this list is beyond me. Let me explain…

So the best moves made in the entire Western Conference were made by the New Orleans Hornets according to Stein. He states that with the overpaying of Peja Stojakovic, Tyson Chandler, and an aging Bobby Jackson the Hornets are poised to spend even more money next season with their available cap room. Well, in my assessment, the Hornets are going to need it because they will be going no where fast with any of those acquisitions. Chris Paul will have to be the second coming of Isiah Thomas in his prime if New Orleans is going to make the playoffs. Last year’s record of 38-44 will be not too far off from where I feel that the Hornets will finish in 2007, again.

Next up, is the Dallas Mavericks. Stein writes that the Mavericks were wise in landing Austin Croshere, Anthony Johnson, Devean George, and the ex-Denver Nugget Greg Buckner. He also states that the resigning of J-Terry and the pending signature of Dirk are positive as well. While I will not argue the position of the aforementioned two, I will say that Greg Buckner has little to no shot at contributing to this team. Buckner is a defensive minded shooting guard who will not squeak many minutes with the young Harris and amazing Terry filling out the back court. Devean George brings championship experience. As for the rest of the guys listed, Dallas made some good moves. They definitely deserve some props.

Following the Mavericks in the third position are the San Antonio Spurs. If Stein thinks for one second that the following list of players are going to make the Spurs improve on their last season’s mark of 63-19. He is absolutely the most optimistic person, or biggest Spurs fan, I have ever read an article authored by. San Antonio lost two of its centers this off season in Rasho Nesterovic and Nazr Mohammed and picked up nobody to fill the void. The Spurs managed to pick up Francisco Elson, (cough cough), Matt Bonner, Eric Williams, Jacque Vaughn, and Jackie Butler. Francisco Elson is the biggest 7-foot cupcake in the game and I couldn’t of been happier to see him off the Nuggets. He blocks no shots, has no game in the blocks, and defends like George Gervin. The only problem is he doesn’t score like Ice! How the Spurs are going to improve is beyond me and does anyone else remember a few years ago when Vaughn kept blowing all those wide open lay-ups? Sheesh, I don’t know what Stein was looking at.

Fourth on the list, and just as confusing are the Los Angeles Clippers. Other than re-signing Cassell, all the Clip-Show could muster up was the addition of Tim Thomas. They managed to keep a few pieces from last year’s historic run on the roster, but other than that didn’t do much. Why this is such an upgrade I must have missed, but even Stein states that not extending Coach Dunleavy’s contract is sketchy. The Clippers will make the playoffs again, I do not doubt that, but I’m hoping that the Nuggets get a chance to redeem themselves. They have unfinished business that starts on opening night.

With one of the only guys in the league that I would pay to watch in Jason Richardson the next team on the list is Golden State. The Warriors went 34-48 last season and lost Derek Fisher this summer. Their only move was to bring in ex-Maverick Coach Don Nelson. I love Don Nelson, but give it a rest, huh? D-Nels isn’t working with Dirky and this isn’t Dallas. This team made no changes, got no one, and is going no where. Have a nice year at the bottom of the division again! What Stein was conjuring up on this one… Ah forget it, this pick is an abomination and how they had a better off season than the Nuggets I don’t even want to know. Unless Chris Mullin comes out of retirement and averages 25 points a night this team is whack. Look for J-Rich on Sports Center, other than that, don’t waste your ticket money.

Finally, the last team that Marc Stein feels had a more productive summer than the Nuggets were the Houston Rockets. The Rockets traded Rudy Gay away for the services of Shane Battier. Battier is an upgrade for the Rockets. He gives them a coagulation factor that is priceless. How much he contributes in the stat column will be the true measuring stick of how great of an idea it was to trade away the promise of Rudy Gay. Rounding out their new roster is Greek point guard Vassilis Spanoulis. Spanoulis is a great floor general, as we all saw in USA’s defeat in the FIBA games, but his transition to the NBA will be rocky. Finally, they also picked up long shot, second round pick, Steve Novak. All these moves are fine, but what leaves me puzzled is Stein puts more emphasis on the health of Yao Ming and T-Mac than he does the additions the Rockets made. I thought this was a list forecasting how the off season maneuvers were going to affect the team, not the health of its superstars. Once again, Nuggets fans see my point. Battier is good, and that is about it. How this team had a better summer is hard to fathom.

I could go into all the things the Nuggets have done this off season, but I don’t feel like beating a dead horse. Check the archives if you need some refreshing. The Nuggets have reorganized the front office, solidified one of the most intimidating front lines in the league, and are still probably not done making moves. When all is said and done I am glad to be a Nuggets fan. This season is going to be a brand new look for the Nuggets. A look that I feel could only be an improvement, and isn’t that what it’s all about when measuring how good your off season was?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Nuggets Gonzo for Bonzi Part II

(Boulder-CO) Just as I predicted, give me a second to totally toot my own horn, it is the end of the week and the Nuggets are really starting to get aggressive with the hunt for a shooting guard. This time they are making some serious waves as they try to land Bonzi Wells, again. Since the original article on this potential acquisition posted the Nuggets have signed Reggie Evans. This means that the Nuggets will have to engineer a sign and trade deal if this is at all a reality. The Nuggets have very little room to maneuver with the NBA luxury tax putting them in a financial headlock.

Bonzi is a ten year veteran of this league. He has shown in last year’s playoffs that he is still capable of being just as explosive as the first few days out of Ball State University. Every source that I contact thinks that the Nuggets are a team that are only a shooting guard away from being a straight up beast in the west. Huge front line. Superstar in Carmelo. Best shot blocking center in the game. Most reliable point guard in the NBA. All these things add up to potential greatness…If the Nuggets can fill this void at shooting guard. It is now up to the newly organized front office of the Nuggets to slide a couple of players in Sacramento’s direction, without giving up anyone too crazy, to land wells. Maybe like Kenyon Martin, Eduardo Najera, and that second round pick we traded Leon Powe to the Celtics for. If that happens, then we will all know that I really do have a crystal ball!

On quasi-related grounds, several teams including the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers are expressing interest in DerMarr Johnson. Check my last few posts if you want the skinny on what I think is going to happen to DerMarr.

Carnival is coming folks, I repeat, Carnival is coming!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just Another Reminder on NBA Carnival 36

(Boulder-CO) This is just another reminder that I am hosting the 36th NBA Carnival. If you wish to participate, please send your submission link to by the end of the day on Friday. Also, if you wish to participate by linking sites with The Nugg Doctor and Carnival send your site's link to the same email.

Until Death Do Us Part

(Boulder-CO) The newest statements out of Kenyon Martin have me feeling a spectrum of emotions not quite explainable. In today’s Rocky Mountain News, Martin has made statements that are both promising and worrisome. The main problem is, just like last season’s game-by-game mood swings, Nuggets fans just don’t know what to expect.

The article starts out with Martin stating, “I'm not making any promises on numbers, wins or how I'm going to perform, but I'm going to be a better player than I have been the previous two years.” For those of you who can’t remember what the Nuggets were hopefully getting when they acquired Kenyon from New Jersey. Let me refresh your memory. In the 2003-04 season, Kenyon averaged 16.7 points, 2.5 assists, and 9.4 rebounds before his number slipped to 12 points, one assist, and six boards last season. Not to mention all the tantrums, pouting, and his on-again, off-again choice in game appearances. But the above statement makes me optimistic. It seams like he is ready to just play ball.

So could Martin be turning over a new leaf or is this just a smoke screen fogging up what we have already seen?

When asked about his season ending suspension in the playoffs Martin does semi-assume some of the blame. He states, “Some of it I brought upon myself. I'm able to deal with that. I'm a man. I can deal with the decisions I make. I made a decision, which at the time, seemed right. Things happen in the spur of the moment. Push it under the rug and move on.”

Push it under the rug? WOW, I would sure love to ask some of the other Nuggets if they feel the same way. Anywho, it definitely looks like K-Mart is going to be a Nugget to start the season. I have to hope for the best outcome, not just for Kenyon’s sake, but for the sake of this franchise and its goals of reaching the upper echelon of this league. I have been very vocal about my position on Kenyon Martin and am not going to revoke the things that I have published, but he has a lot of fences to mend. A job that can start by resuming his once All-Star caliber of play seen in New Jersey.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Treasures From the Past

(Boulder-CO) I was doing some rearranging and cleaning in my Father’s back storage area when I happen to stumble on some treasures from my past. Before I get into what I found, I have to give credit to the man who made me the aficionado of the game that I am today. My Father has been the largest influence in my life without a doubt, and he has been fueling my obsession with basketball with historical relics, about every text on the game, and memorabilia in every size, shape, and form. Needless to say, I never would of thought straighten things out in the storage building would have been so rewarding.

So amongst the things I found was a fabulous text called, 100 Years of Hoops, written by Alexander Wolff. If you do not own this text, and consider yourself a basketball junkie, I will be stopping by your house shortly to ridicule your devotion to the game. Ok, maybe not, but the point is that this book is nothing short of spectacular. The pictures, well-written sections, and statistical data base in the back are extraordinary.

Another pot of gold sitting and waiting at the end of the rainbow for me to stumble upon was two oversized basketball cards. They were purchased for me, by my father, before I was really even old enough to appreciate them. Printed in 1969 by Topps Chewing Gum Inc., in association with the NBPA, were mint condition Cazzie Russell and Earl Monroe basketball cards! Still in the package that they were given to me in, these cards are nothing short of throwback. The coolest part about these relics, aside from the fact that I found them still in mint condition, is that they have these little comics on the bottom. The comics, “explain”, basketball lingo. “Switching” on defense and, “The Pick-up Point”, (where you start to play defense) are hilariously illustrated. Could the extinction of educational resources like this be the reason for the fundamental demise of basketball in the current era? I have no basis to answer such a question, but hey, you never know. Maybe if youngsters today were privy to such resources I wouldn’t have to explain how to defend the pick and roll at the rec center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The last, but certainly not least, impressive find was two signed 8X10 pictures of Spencer Haywood. One is just a signature, but the other is personally addressed to yours truly. For those who don’t know, Spencer Haywood was a historical pioneer in a sense. He was one of the first to forswear his remaining years of college and make an early entry to the professional ranks. In 1969, Haywood tried to sign with the ABA’s Denver Rockets after just two years of college ball. As of result of his attempt, the NBA had to design a policy to permit, “hardship” cases. Haywood grew up in extremely impoverished conditions and when he smelt the money that was potentially his to make he wanted to make the jump. The NBA was later hit by a lawsuit filed by Haywood for not letting him play until his college class would have graduated. The Denver Rockets soon became the Nuggets and the rest is history. Needless to say is that I have to get a couple of frames for these babies!

Never would I have expected to find such gems in such a dreaded job. Just goes to show that I wasn’t born this way, (Totally obsessed with basketball). I had a lot of influence along the way. Big thanks goes out to the biggest influence in my life. You’re the root of this amazing obsession!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What To Do With DerMarr?

(Boulder-CO) The last remaining free agent that the Nuggets are tied to is DerMarr Johnson. Johnson is listed as a 6’9” guard/forward and has a stat line that reads 6.1 points, 0.9 assists, and 1.6 rebounds in about 16 minutes of playing time on any average night. As I have been reporting, the Nuggets are very thin at the guard position. So, the question is what do they do with DerMarr?

The Nuggets could obviously sign him. He doesn’t command very much money and I’m not his agent, but I would bet that he would like to stay in Denver. It has been reported over the last couple of seasons that he is good buddies with Carmelo. It is also fairly obvious that he is chummy with fellow Cincinnati alumni Kenyon Martin. These things are good for team chemistry, but I think the Nuggets need to be more concerned with getting wins and contributors out on the floor. The only memory I have of DerMarr making a tangible contribution in last season’s affairs was his defensive effort on Allen Iverson. He blocked a last second three that sealed the game, but was sporadic at best otherwise.

The answer to this conundrum, as I see it, is to leave DerMarr unsigned and try to get a more suitable guard for the Nuggets system. DerMarr is 6’9”. He also doesn’t handle the ball very well, which in turn makes it hard for him to create his own shots. The Nuggets need someone to take a little bit of the pressure on the offensive end off of Carmelo Anthony. DerMarr is not that guy and would probably be a better fit somewhere else. The NBA is sometimes a cold hearted place and while I have always liked DerMarr Johnson dating back to his Cincy days. I would be very surprised if he is in powder blue next season.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Could a Storm be Brewing?

(Boulder-CO) With the Denver Nuggets current roster where it is there has got to be a trade in the near future. The Nuggets can not start the 2006-2007 season with only three legitimate guards. Andre Miller and Earl Boykins are most likely going to have to shoulder the majority of the load at point guard. But J.R. Smith can not be solely accountable to fill out the two spot. So as I have eluded to, even before the signing of another big in Reggie Evans, there could be a serious storm brewing that could end with a major roster mix up.

I can't even imagine what kind of shape this team would be in if Andre Miller were to be inactive. Even though he has one of the longest current streaks of consecutive games played anything could happen and this team would be crippled without him. Earl Boykins is not the kind of guard that can play 25 minutes plus, and that leaves nobody else to substitute. Obviously, you see what I'm getting at.

The only problem with this is free agent shooting guards could be the thinnest group of free agents in entire league. Some of the best available are veterans like Jim Jackson in Los Angeles and the long time Sacramento King Doug Christie. Obviously, neither of those two aging careers really fit with what the Nuggets are trying to do. So that means that something else by means of trade will have to occur. I think that by the end of the week the Nuggets will have the ball moving, but for now, Nuggets fans have to sit and wait. However, one thing is certain. Just as black thunderheads creep over the Rocky Mountains. There is a dark cloud still lingering over this team because even though positive things have been happening this off-season. There is still some changes to be weathered.

Historical Glimpses: Jerry Ray Lucas

(Boulder-CO) As the days have passed since my last installment of Historical Glimpses. I have been thinking long and hard about who should be memorialized next. Seeing as today is the five-year anniversary of one of the most dramatic days in American history, 9-11-01, I seek to pay respect to a city, New York, and one of its brightest stars, Jerry Lucas. Jerry was an anomaly in this league that we all love so much, and truly one of the greatest players of all time.

Jerry Lucas was born in Middletown, Ohio on March 30, 1940 and it didn’t take long for many to realize that he was special. Not just on the basketball court, but in ways truly unique to all humans. A champion on almost every level in his career, Lucas would start by winning an Ohio State Basketball Championship at Middletown High School his sophomore season. He scored an outlandish 53 and 44 points respectively in consecutive games that sophomore year in the state tournament. His high school playing days left him touted as one of the best players ever to come out of the state of Ohio and his accolades are impressive. He was a three-year varsity letter winner, named to the All-State team in 1956, 1957, and 1958, two-time Ohio State player of the year in 1957 and 1958, and he would be rewarded with a scholarship to the Ohio State University following his graduation from Middletown.

While at OSU, Jerry Lucas continued to achieve greatness. Under the guidance of Hall of Fame coach Fred Taylor, Lucas would be an instrumental part of one of the greatest collegiate runs in history. While Lucas was with the Buckeyes, OSU recorded an amazing 78-6 record! With John Havlicek and Bob Knight, Lucas would help lead the Buckeyes to three straight NCAA championship game appearances and three straight Big 10 championships from 1960-62. Only capturing the NCAA crown in their first appearance against Cal in 1960, Lucas didn’t leave much else to be accomplished. His collegiate resume reads long and extraordinary. Jerry Lucas was a three-time letter winner at OSU, two-time Sporting News Player of the Year in 1961 and ‘62, three-time consensus All-American in 1960, ‘61, and ‘62, was named Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated in 1962, named to the All-Big 10 first team in 1960-’62, named All-Big 10 MVP in 1960-’62, scored 1,900 total points in his 82 games for an average of 24.3, (Third All-Time in OSU history), shot an amazing 62.4% from the field in a Buckeye uniform, holds the OSU All-Time records for rebounding totals, (1,411), and average, (17.2), had 17 games with 20 rebounds or more, and recorded 30 rebounds in a game on three separate occasions. If this were the final chapter in Jerry Lucas’s basketball journey it would have been a legendary career, but the sick thing is that this is merely a blip on his career accomplishments.

During these years Jerry Lucas was also the youngest member of an Olympic amateur team that won gold in the 1960 games in Rome. Lucas was teamed up with future stars Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, and Walt Bellamy to bring home the gold for the USA. He tied Oscar Robertson for the highest scoring average with 17.0 points per game.

In 1962 Jerry Lucas was selected second overall in the territorial draft by the Cincinnati Royals. Lucas would forgo that initial contract and sign with the Cleveland Pipers of the ABA. Following a contract fizzle out with the Pipers, Lucas would have to sit out the 1962 season, but would return with the original Royals in the 1963-64 season.

Once on the hardwood, Lucas would pick right back up where he had left off. He would capture Rookie of the Year honors by posting the third best rebounding totals in the league at 17.4 boards per game, (only bested by the best rebounding duo ever in Chamberlain and Russell), and scored at a rock solid pace of 17.7 points per game. These types of numbers were going to become the staple of Lucas’s game for many years to come. The following two years in Cincinnati, Lucas would do something only accomplished by Nate Thurmond and Wilt Chamberlain in the history of the NBA. Lucas joined two of the most dominating men in the history of the game in a club so exclusive that no other player since has been granted membership. That club my friends is the 20/20 club. All it takes is averages of 20 rebounds and 20 points for a season to be initiated and Lucas did just that in back-to-back years. In 1964, Lucas posted averages of 21.4 points and 20 rebounds. He followed up that season with an encore performance of 21.5 points and 21.1 rebounds a game. Jerry’s averages would dip slightly over the remaining course of his career, but this feat alone solidifies him with the All-Time greats.

He was traded to the San Francisco Warriors in 1969 where he only played one full season with the club before being again traded to his final destination with the New York Knicks in 1971. Having won championships in high school, college, and the Olympics. Jerry Lucas would finally taste the sweet nectar of the NBA championship with New York in 1973. Teaming up with Willis Reed, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere, and Phil Jackson, (That’s right, the Zen master himself), the New York Knicks proved to be an overwhelming match up for the Los Angeles Lakers. With Lucas filling in for the injured Willis Reed at center, the Lakers avoided the sweep, but could only win one game against the Knicks on their run to the crown. Jerry Lucas was now a winner on every level he had ever played on.

His cumulative basketball honors are so lengthy that I will now only recap what he accomplished as a NBA player, but even those are extensive. As a player in the NBA, Jerry Lucas was an All-NBA First Team selection three times in 1965, ‘66, and again in ‘68. He was All-NBA Second Team twice in 1964 and in ‘67, a NBA All-Star in 1964, ‘65, ‘66, ‘67, ‘68, ‘69, and ‘71, All-Star game MVP in 1965, NBA Rookie of the Year in 1964, All-NBA Rookie team in the same year, and was enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979. Jerry Lucas was also included in the list of the 50 greatest NBA players of All-Time back in 1996.

Typically this is where my installment would stop, but I mentioned previously in this article that Jerry Lucas was not only a unique basketball talent ,but also a unique human being. Now I will explain what I meant. Jerry Lucas was not the biggest, strongest, or able to jump the highest while playing basketball at any level throughout his career. What Jerry Lucas did have however was a superior mind that was capable of figuring out any of his opponent’s weaknesses and exploiting them. If Jerry wasn’t able to score in the post, he would use a deadly outside shot. If he was quicker than his opponent he would out fox them around the basket. Using his wit, and pure desire, Jerry Lucas dominated the game in a fashion that left many a player dumbfounded. He also used his extraordinary mind to memorize things and master mnemonic devices. Jerry used a mind truly one in a million as he demonstrated on national television in the 1970’s what he was intellectually capable of. Lucas, armed only with his mind, memorized the first 500 pages of the Manhattan phone book! A consummate entertainer, Jerry Lucas entertained kids and adults throughout the next couple of decades with magic and charisma. He even has a best-selling memory book published and also has helped author 30 other books on memory with his Lucas Learning publishing company. All of this, plus a pretty impressive basketball resume is why Jerry Lucas is this installment of Historical Glimpses. Enjoy hoop fans, I certainly did!

Get Your Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs

(Boulder-CO) Good morning to the NBA Blogosphere. I have sent out an extensive email to many of you, but I wanted those who might be interested, and who are not on the Airset mailer, to know that I am hosting the 36th Carnival of the NBA right here on The Nugg Doctor. If you are interested in participating please send me your submission by Friday, September 15th. The Carnival will officially drop on the following Monday, but I will use the weekend to put on the finishing touches. The Email address that you may submit your piece to is If you do not want to submit a piece, but still want to participate, send me a link to your site that I will put in my links section. I will be writing a sub-section of this Carnival with the names off all the sites that choose to participate in this manner so everyone can get some publicity. All I ask is that you also mutually link to The Nugg Doctor. In closing, I hope that everyone has a safe and productive week.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

The Rocky Mountain Showdown!!!

(Boulder-CO) I will be at Invesco Field at Mile High watching the Colorado State University Rams engage in battle with the University of Colorado Buffaloes. If you know me, you know who I'm rooting for... I will say this though, I think its going to be a very close game and may the best team win!

Friday, September 8, 2006

Front Office Musical Chairs

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets have still not named a General Manager. What they have done is shuffle almost everyone’s title within the front office. Former director of player development Marc Warkentien has been named Vice President of Basketball Operations. Rex Chapman, the former University of Kentucky star, is now the Vice President of Player Personnel. Also involved in the game of official title musical chairs is Bret Bearup. Bearup will now be an Advisor of the franchise.

Two men that were formally affiliated with the Nuggets are no longer with the team. Assistant GM Jeff Weltman and David Fredman are currently on the job market.

Both Bearup and Chapman are alumni of the University of Kentucky.

Done Deals and Deals Pending

(Boulder-CO) I have been covering the rumors that Reggie Evans will be signing a multi-year deal with the Nuggets. The latest and greatest in developments in that story indicate that Reggie will be signed and the deal will be worth $18-24 million as reported by the Denver Post. The question now becomes who will be traded from this front line? The Nuggets will have 14 players signed when Evans scribbles his name, and that includes eight power forwards and/or centers. It doesn’t take a basketball genius to realize that someone has got to go!

I have been all over Nuggets message boards, mainly, talking with Nuggets faithful about who they would like to see gone. The names that keep popping up are Kenyon Martin and Eduardo Najera. As we all know, Martin has had his woes with the Nuggets and if he is healthy will probably fetch the best trade in return. The reason why I think Najera is a good compliment in this potential trade is he is just not athletic enough to really be part of what the Nuggets are doing. There is no question that Eduardo is all heart. But I just look at the roster, and think he is the odd man out.

I will be keeping my ear to the streets, my sources close, and my eyes reading every available resource on this hot topic in Denver. Nuggets fans will be looking at almost an entirely different team when all is said and done this off season and it would appear that they are only getting better with every move. Landing a great shooting guard would really solidify this team and give Nuggets fans some much needed optimism for the 2006-07 season.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Welcome Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia

(Boulder-CO) I am happy to announce that Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Company is now an advertiser with The Nugg Doctor. Much thanks to Samanthah at DMI Partners for teaming up.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Carmelo Named to the All-World Team

(Boulder-CO) The world’s journalists were put together to name an All-World Championship starting five, and Carmelo Anthony was the lone American to receive the honor. Argentina’s Manu Ginobili, Greece’s Theo Papaloukas, and Spain’s tandem of Pau Gasol and Jorge Garbajosa rounded out the team. Pau Gasol took home the honor of tournament MVP despite suffering a broken foot that prevented him from playing in the gold medal game.

Carmelo displayed that he was a leader on both offense and defense for Team USA. He led the USA in scoring at a mark of 19.9 points per game and tied with Chris Paul for the most total steals with 17. ‘Melo also shot an astounding 50.4% from the field and 44% from three-point range. Even though the USA failed to capture gold. Carmelo proved to be golden.

Highlights of the tournament for Anthony were abundant, but the most memorable to me was the 35 point, record-setting, performance against Italy. Carmelo’s defense sparked the USA in the third period and his red-hot shooting ensured the victory for the USA. He truly took over that game in a way rarely seen with such great international players and team defense.

I expect Carmelo to continue this dominating characteristic for the Nuggets this rapidly approaching season. His confidence is at an all-time high and he looks poised to truly assume the leadership role for Denver.

Yet Another Big Man Inked for the Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets are in agreement in principle with power forward Reggie Evans that would lock him up for the next five years. Evans has been with the Nuggets since the last second trade before the trade deadline expired last season. Now the Nuggets definitely have one of the most formidable front lines in all of professional basketball.

The final financial details are not being released as of right now, but it is rumored that the deal will not violate the league’s luxury tax stipulations. With that in mind, I expect that the Nuggets will make a deal with possibly a combination of players that booster their back court. As of right now, the Nuggets only have three true back court personnel. Andre Miller is obviously the starting point guard, and at this point it looks like J.R. Smith will be his counterpart at the two. The Nuggets have Earl Boykins to relieve Miller, but unless Carmelo is going to be playing a little shooting guard, they have no other clear two guard.

Not that Carmelo isn’t capable of playing a lot of two guard, but that makes the Nuggets play their star player out of his optimal position. This is why I see another deal shaking loose a few, or maybe just one, of the Nuggets stacked front line.

Reggie Evans appeared in 26 games with two starts last season. He posted averages of 5.2 points and 8.7 rebounds. Evans is consistently in the league’s top rebounders per 48 minutes every year. While his offensive area is where he needs to improve the most, he did show promise last year. Reggie is a player that is fueled by pure desire on the glass and despite the, “Fruit Basket Grab,” on Kris Kaman last season in the playoffs. I like the fact that Reggie Evans is a Nugget.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Consolation Prize for Team USA

(Boulder-CO) I can’t even get excited to report that the USA has beaten Argentina to take home the bronze medal at the FIBA Championships. I’m just glad that no one, especially Carmelo, didn’t get hurt. As far as I’m concerned, and I think that I speak for a majority of those who have been watching, it was gold or total bust for the USA. The one thing that I can say has been made completely apparent to me is that the 1992 Dream Team was truly just that. A Dream. Anyone who thinks that the level of play, and understanding of the game on the surface and its details, is better now should do their homework.

Carmelo Anthony should be the hands down, no questions asked, MVP of this tournament. He led the USA in points per game with 19.9, tied with Chris Paul for the most steals with 17 total, and shot 44% from three point territory. He never took a game off and without his record setting performance against Italy. Who knows what might have happened.

This consolation game was highlighted by Dwayne Wade scoring 32 points in 35 minutes, but it was merely for show because I doubt many were watching. I am excited to have the regular season about a month and a half away. It is the only thing that is going to make me forget this disappointing finish.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Searching For the Reasons Why

(Boulder-CO) After wrestling with my pillow in a match that my hair would indicate that I lost. I am replaying the game in my mind which saw the USA lose to Greece 101-95. As I search for answers in the box score and what happened in the flow of the game I can only point to one area that I think was the culprit for this devastating loss.
The area to blame is the defense of Team USA. Defensive pressure, defensive rebounding, and the lack of steals are the reasons why I think the USA will now be playing for the bronze medal on Saturday. The USA gave up way too many open looks created by the off ball movement by the Grecians. To their credit they did shoot 62.5% from the field and 44% from down town, but some of the reason why these numbers were so high was the defensive game plan of the USA. I saw too much switching going on during the second half. If you’re going to switch on screens you might as well play a zone.

The on ball pressure wasn’t great either. The USA only recorded four steals the entire game and were led by Carmelo Anthony with two. There was no denial of the first pass from the ball, and this can also be credited to the Grecians outstanding movement without the rock. Something that the NBA needs to study and implement into its often too redundant one-on-one style of play.

The last part of this defensive equation that didn’t add up for the USA was the defensive boards. With a poor defensive pressure on the Greek shooters, not only was the ball being picked out of the net a lot, but when it didn’t go in the USA couldn’t figure out that long range shots create long range rebounds. The defensive box-out on the perimeter players was atrocious. The Greek squad got so many long rebounds that turned into second chances. I had to hold myself back from waking up my whole neighborhood screaming at the top of my lungs.

The USA was led again by Carmelo Anthony whose stat line was full with 27 points, two steals, two assists, and three rebounds. At this point, as a Nuggets fan, I just don’t want to see anything sketchy happen to ‘Melo in the final game. As far as I’m concerned, these FIBA Championships can be filed under the long list of Mission: INCOMPLETE for the USA Basketball Program.

Greece Stuns USA

(Boulder-CO) I can’t believe what I’m about to report, but Greece has beaten Team USA in the semi-finals of the FIBA World Championships 101-95! The USA was down by twelve at the end of the third quarter and couldn’t stop the Grecians from continuing to bomb away from the outside. Furthermore, the USA struggled shooting from beyond the arc by going 9-28 for the game. For deeper analysis of why the USA ends up with the loss. Check The Nugg Doctor in a few hours, but I am exhausted and do not have a complete box score at this time due to frustration and despair. It is probably a better idea for me to wait to dissect this one anyways…