Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Submission To The GM Fix-It Writing Contest

New GM For Nuggets Known As The Nugg Doctor
*All salary information taken from

(Fort Collins-CO) As the new General Manager for the Denver Nuggets, I will be banking on three things remaining constant and shuffling areas that are overdue in terms of attention to facilitate this franchise winning the NBA championship. Anthony being signed as our franchise player, Karl returning as coach, and the return of Nene are the pillars this team will be built on for next season. The shuffle will entail the trading of Andre Miller, Reggie Evans, DerMarr Johnson, and Kenyon Martin. If this franchise is to rise to championship levels it will take determination and pure team concept. With the changes I detail here, I believe that the Nuggets are capable of becoming the NBA champions as early as next season.

First article of business is to trade Andre Miller for Jason Terry from Dallas. Andre is a rock solid point guard who distributes the ball phenomenally, but doesn’t possess the three-point range the Nuggets need. Jason Terry shoots over 40% from behind the arch, scores more, but dishes fewer assists. This is a statistical trade off in the areas that the Nuggets are in dire need of because the same amount of points are potentially going to be scored. Andre Miller made 8.1 million for last season while Jason Terry made 7.5. This trade should be straight across the board because it addresses needs for both teams involved. The Mavericks need a steady point guard and the Nuggets need a three-point shooter. The Nuggets will be losing a stat line of 13.7 points, 8.2 assists, and 4.3 rebounds a night, but in return will be adding 17.1 points, 3.8 assists, and two rebounds per contest. Statistically similar, give and take some numbers, but their styles couldn’t be more different; we need that change in style!

Moving on, and addressing the big hairy clog the Nuggets have at forward, I will trade Reggie Evans and DerMarr Johnson. The aforementioned had a combined salary of 1.9 million for last season and both are free agents this next year. I will submit a trade for young forward Jared Jeffries of the Washington Wizards. Jeffries is a guy who can guard anyone but the point on defense, (think Tayshaun Prince, but younger), and is blossoming into a solid all-around performer. He is long, athletic, and coachable. He can play any of the three frontcourt spots. Jeffries brings in stats of 6.4 points, five rebounds, and two assists. It would take 2.7 million to acquire Jeffries and the Nuggets can afford the check in this situation. You’ll see why after I finish cleaning house.

Finally, and what the majority of Nuggets fans world-wide have been waiting to hear for quite some time, is how I will deal Kenyon Martin. Kenyon Martin has roughly 70 million dollars tied up on the Nuggets books. Keep in mind that Martin isn’t going to attract huge contributors because of his lack luster demeanor and numbers, but we still need to obtain someone of value who can contribute to what this team is lacking. I believe that the acquisition of Golden State power forward Troy Murphy is a perfect fit for the Denver Nuggets. Murphy has 58 million on his remaining contract with the Warriors. The Warriors already have Baron Davis and Jason Richardson filling up their scoring column and could use the defensive minded Martin. The Nuggets could use the finesse and shooting that Murphy’s game brings to the floor. In addition, let it not be forgotten that Murphy is 6’11” and averaged ten rebounds last season to compliment his 14 points per night.

If all of this can be orchestrated the Nuggets would have the starting five of the offensive minded Jason Terry at point guard, the defensive minded Greg Buckner at shooting guard, Marcus Camby at center, Carmelo Anthony at small forward, and Troy Murphy at the four. Coming off our bench would be Earl Boykins at point, Rueben Patterson at shooting guard, Jared Jeffries at small forward while Julius Hodge continues to improve, Nene slowly working his way back into rotation with Eduardo Najera at power forward, and Francisco Elson relieving Marcus Camby at center. This puts the Nuggets a solid ten deep as a team. Obviously, with the personnel the Nuggets would have with my new shuffle there is a plethora of line-ups George Karl could put out on the floor. This type of flexibility and change in personnel is just what the Nuggets need to become serious contenders for the NBA world championship.

With two brand new shooters around the three-point arch in Murphy and Terry, I believe that Nuggets will cease to be last in the NBA in three-point shooting next year. This also creates passing outlets for Carmelo Anthony when he is flashed with double-teams. Murphy and Jeffries will also fill the rebounding void left by the departure of Reggie Evans and Kenyon Martin while adding two coachable players for George Karl to develop. The Denver Nuggets were ranked 24 of 30 in total team salary last year with 54.3 million dollars being paid to players. The Nuggets can afford to pay the small increase in overall salary to have players like Jeffries and Terry, while potentially giving Kenyon Martin some sort of severance compensation with his shipment to Golden State. This diagram for team success is worth every obstacle, concerning financial and in terms of team chemistry, the Nuggets will have to endure to become the NBA champions. With myself, The Nugg Doctor, as the GM of this great franchise I will accept nothing less.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Saga Continues

(FortCollins-CO) The saga continues surrounding Kenyon Martin. The latest and greatest, if you can call it that, is that the New Jersey Nets could be interested in reuniting with Kenyon Martin. Details are sketchy right now, but wouldn't it be something to land a guy like Richard Jefferson or, even better, Vince Carter! To pull off a deal with the Nets for someone like the aforementioned would be a sheer genius move.

Here's an even more tasty treat to think about...

What about a deal that would somehow land Jason Kidd and one of the other big guns the Nets have to offer for K-Mart and Andre Miller? Wouldn't that just be what Nuggets fans have been dreaming of since Bernie Bickerstaff ran this program into a dismal state back in the 90's? Bring on the rumors because for a minute there, I thought I heard some crickets chirping.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Third Tier Honors For Carmelo

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony was named to the All-NBA third team for his performance in the 2005-06 season. 'Melo averaged 26.5 points per game and was very consistent as his supporting cast was continually in shuffle. Carmelo was eighth in the league in scoring, right behind Dirk Nowitzki. Hightlights from this year's efforts are abundant, but a couple really stick out in my mind. First, probably the biggest facial the league saw this year on Theo Ratliff. Secondly, the last second bomb he dropped on the Minnesota Timberwolves from the corner for the game winner. Congratulations Carmelo, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Historical Glimpses: Nathaniel “Big Nate” Thurmond

(FortCollins-CO) So this edition of Historical Glimpses has been almost 45 years in the making and rightfully deserved. The player honored is one of the most under appreciated, overlooked, most often forgotten, and rarely mentioned legends of the NBA and I can’t figure out why. He was only one of the best defensive centers of all-time and played in what many aficionados would consider the first golden age of basketball. Well, if I hadn’t already given you the title of this article, which I regret because I should of ran a contest to see who would of pulled his name out of a hat, I bet that very few would have mentioned the name Nate Thurmond. One of my personal favorites, regardless of era, and the only other player other than the late, and great, Wilt Chamberlain to average the 20/20.

Nate Thurmond is known as, “The Pride of Bowling Green University,” because of his college career there. At BGU, Thurmond averaged 17.8 points and 17 boards in a three year varsity career, remember freshman were not allowed to play varsity during this era, that made him All-American his senior year. A prequel to successes yet to come because Thurmond could very well have been the perfect combination of Chamberlain’s offensive prowess and Russell’s defensive majesty.

When his time at Bowling Green was up, he was drafted third overall by the San Francisco Warriors in 1963. The Warriors already had Wilt Chamberlain at the center position, but that didn’t stop Nate from putting up All-Rookie team numbers of seven points and ten rebounds in limited minutes. The Warriors knew what they had in development and subsequently traded Wilt that next year. Good thing too, because Nate was ready to solidify himself as an NBA giant with a breakout second year where he averaged 16.5 points and 18.1 rebounds.

Nate would stick with the Warriors for an astounding eleven years, which included a relocation and name change when the San Francisco Warriors became the Golden State Warriors. In that span of time Thurmond quietly became one of the most feared defenders, solid offensive contributors, and quintessential big men of the era. He didn’t do it with flash and brash, but what he did do was always leave his opponents with a sense of respect for his game. This respect was surely the product of the way that Nate made you earn everything, all the time. Russell, Chamberlain, and Jabbar have all been put on record as saying that Thurmond was the hardest man to score on during their careers.

And one more thing for all you hoop heads out there. Nate Thurmond is the only other player other than Wilt Chamberlain to average more than 20 points and 20 rebounds in a single season. Pull that out of your repertoire next time you want to have a buddy buy your dinner on a bet! Need desert too? Just ask, how many rebounds Nate grabbed on his best night on the boards? The answer is a staggering 42!

After his years with the Warriors you might have thought Nate’s career would slowly fizzle out before his retirement and you would be wrong. He was traded to the Chicago Bulls and he would treat the NBA to another mind-boggling feat. In the debut game of his debut with Chi-Town, Nate would show the world the first recorded quadruple-double in an NBA game! He scored 22 points, squeezed 14 rebounds, dropped 13 dimes, and swatted 12 shots. Who got game? Big Nate got game! He couldn’t keep that type of play up, and as expected, took on a very roll-oriented position as his career started to slow, but Chicago wasn’t his last stop in the NBA. Thurmond made his final stop in his home state of Ohio with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Numbers that year are not awe-inspiring, but a career that certainly was, was coming to an end. At his career’s finale, Nate Thurmond has averages of 15 points per game, 2.7 assists, and 15 rebounds.

So the final chapter on Big Nate reads a little bit like this: Nate Thurmond was All-NBA Rookie team in 1964, NBA All-Defensive first team in 1969 and ’71, NBA All-Defensive second team in 1972, ’73, ’74, Golden State Warriors All-Time leading rebounder with 12,771 boards, NBA All-Star seven times (1965, ’66, ’67, ’68, ’70, ’73, ’74), his number 42 is retired by two teams (Cleveland and Golden State), he was honored as one of the greatest 50 players at 50 of NBA history, and was enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1984. Whew, that was a mouth full!
The 6’11” Nate Thurmond is one of my personal favorites. He had style un-mimicable and game resumes to match. This is my way of making sure that the young hoop fans out there get a real slice of throwback in hopes that ballers like Nate Thurmond are appreciated for their “Giant” legend.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Historical Glimpses: Dave Bing

(FortCollins-CO) When in discussion of great guards from the late 60’s through the 1970’s many names come to mind that symbolize greatness. Sure there is some great monikers that strike in the forefront of everyone’s mind like “The Big O” and the self-proclaimed “Basketball Gypsy”, but too much, and too often does a player who didn’t need the high profile and flashy nick name gets forgotten. That player is Dave Bing. Bing was a product of the same neighborhood that produced basketball legend Elgin Baylor and was instilled with a sense of community and excellence that has continued to shine after his illustrious career in basketball.

Dave Bing growing up initially didn’t take to basketball naturally. His real passion through his early years was baseball. It wasn’t until a high school baseball coach urged him to play basketball that history would be able to appreciate Bing on the hardwood.

As a collegiate athlete at Syracuse University Bing was phenomenal. In three varsity seasons he would quietly average 24.6 points per game and be honored as an All-American his senior year. History would dictate that the Detroit Pistons would hold the second pick in the 1966 NBA draft and they would pick Bing immediately after Cazzie Russell from the University of Michigan. Cazzie would turn out to be a solid pro for years to come, but he was nowhere near the jewel that was Dave Bing. Bing would win Rookie of the Year by averaging 20 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 4.1 assists. He would follow that up by leading the league in scoring at 27.1 points per game. That same year he beat out Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Earl Monroe, and Hal Greer for the scoring title and it was the first time a guard had lead the league in scoring since the days of Max Zolofsky in 1948.

Bing would play nine years with the Detroit Pistons in total. Followed by a two-year stint with Washington and a one-year ride with the Boston Celtics. In that twelve-year career Bing would unsuspectingly solidify himself as one of the all-time great guards. His career numbers are impressive at 20.3 points, six rebounds, and almost four assists. His basketball career accolades are staggering. Bing was All-NBA twice, (1968 and ’71, All-NBA second team in 1974, seven time All-Star (1968, ’69, ’71, ’73, ’74, ’75, ’76), and NBA All-Star game MVP in 1976. Furthermore, a Detroit Piston will never wear the number 21 ever again, and Bing was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1989.

A hefty career full of highlights, but many would argue that it is what Bing has accomplished after a life in basketball that is even more a testament to what kind of person and businessman is Dave Bing. During the off-seasons in the NBA Bing worked in the Chrysler bank and studied finance and deal making. It wasn’t too long before Bing figured he was ready start his own company, and it was with the same professionalism he brought to the NBA that has made his business just as successful as his days on the hardwood.

In 1980, Bing opened up appropriately named Bing Steel in Detroit. In ten years Bing had built one of the largest African-American owned businesses in the entire country and was creating revenue in excess of 61 million dollars a year.

Bing is also quite the humanitarian. During budget crisis in Detroit Bing once organized a campaign that raised over $300,000 before taxpayers approved an increase that enabled public schools to continue sporting activities. As for the $300,000, Bing graciously still donated the money! It was stories like this one that truly makes Dave Bing a special basketball player, teammate, businessman, and person. He used a beautiful jump shot and lightning speed to dominate basketball games, but Dave Bing was destined for success regardless of arena.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Marcus Honored On All NBA Defensive Second Team

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets center Marcus Camby has been selected to the All-NBA Defensive Second team. Camby was a legitimate candidate for Defensive Player of the Year in many voters' eyes due to leading the NBA in block shots at 3.3 per game and posting career highs in rebounding and steals. Marcus was snaring boards at a rate of 11.9 and swiping 1.4 steals per game. Marcus Camby also averaged 12.8 points per outing and if it weren't for injuries he might have been even better. The Nuggets are going to be heavily reliant on Camby next year to produce like numbers, if their quest for second round playoff action is ever going to come to fruition.

New Draft Chief For Nuggets

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets have recently announced that they will be handing over draft day duties to Mark Warkentien. Warkentien is currently the Nuggets Director of Player Personnel. He will be assisted in draft day duties by assistant General Managers Jeff Weltman and David Fredman. Unfortunately for the Nuggets, they do not have a first round pick. The Nuggets have still not announced a permanent replacement for recently departed General Manager Kiki Vandeweghe.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Rumor Mill Continues To Spin

(FortCollins-CO) According to hints and rumors posted on, the Denver Nuggets are possibly working on a deal with the Portland Trailblazers that would send Zach Randolph to Denver in a swap for Kenyon Martin. Randolph averaged 18 PPG and 8 RPG last season on a very lack luster Trailblazer unit.

All the buzz on the aforementioned website is pretty negative in evaluation concerning Randolph. Jeers ranging from, “He’s fat,” to the questioning of his character due to off the court problems are abundant, but I believe in giving athletes second chances in new surroundings before throwing them to the lions. I am sure we can all remember when Vince Carter’s character was in question when he was disgruntled with Toronto’s organization. Now look at his revamped career with the Nets, ahh what a difference a change in scenery makes.

The only thing not in question right now is if Kenyon Martin should be traded. He for one is probably the most in need of a change in environment. I have been very vocal in my distaste of the Nugget power forward, but also wish him a rejuvenated start wherever he may land this off-season.

Is Zach Randolph what the Nuggets really need to acquire this off-season? Maybe not, but as the rumor mill continues to spin, it needs to be reported.

Even if Randolph were to end up a Nugget he would be in a battle for the potentially starting nod from George Karl, (If he is even back), with the return of Nene next season.

How about some rumors on some big time shooting guards? There has got to be someone who is the perfect fit for Denver out there somewhere.

Welcome Coast-To-Coast-Tickets

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Denver and Kiki Parting Ways

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets have decided to end their relationship with General Manager Kiki Vandeweghe. In a quote taken from, Stan Kroenke stated, "After meeting with Kiki today, we agreed that his contract will not be extended. We appreciate his time spent with the Nuggets and wish him good luck as he seeks out his next challenge."

There is no clear indication who will be stepping in to replace Kiki, but there sure is no shortage of things to do in the Nugget clubhouse. One thing that the Nuggets do have in their favor, or against them if you choose to think about it that way, is that they are in no rush to replace Kiki seeing how they do not have a first round draft pick in the forthcoming draft.

The Kiki era is over, and thankfully so. This was a stretch of Nugget history that saw the drafting of Nikoloz Tskitishvili, quite possibly one of the biggest bust in recent history, the signing of Kenyon Martin to a 90 million dollar deal that traded away numerous first round draft picks, and three straight years of being bounced from the first round of the playoffs. Kiki was one hell of a player, no doubt about that, but as a manager he left a lot to be desired.

Best of luck wherever the NBA winds drift your sails, Kiki. A lot of good memories made, but there is plethora of things to do in your departing wake and I'm looking forward to some new concepts being introduced.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Rumor Mill

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets rumor mill could be one of the most buzz worthy in the entire league. The buzz currently is surrounding a potential deal with the Philadelphia 76ers that would include shipment of their aging superstar Allen Iverson. In reciprocal fashion, The Nuggets would give up Andre Miller and Kenyon Martin. I absolutely love the possibilities of this trade and I'm going to tell you why.

First and foremost, Kenyon Martin has an estimated 70 million dollars on the Nuggets books over the next few years. He is obviously not happy in Denver and either is Nuggets management. He is the hottest trade commodity the Nuggets have and the most in need of departure.

Next, Andre Miller's contract with the Nuggets is now up. He isn't what the Nuggets need at point guard because of his non-existent jump shot. I like Andre Miller, he is a good passer, strong floor general, and reliable night-in and night-out. He just isn't fitting into what the Nuggets need as of present time. He would be a strong addition to any east coast, grind 'em out, style of play team.

Allen Iverson has an estimated 60 million dollars in salary left with the 76ers. With Andre Miller potentially making the move to the east coast, the 76ers would be able to free up enough salary to pay 'Dre while Kenyon Martin fills their financial void that Iverson is currently occupying.

This trade would take some finesse, but is more than possible!

I think that Allen Iverson is at a point in his career where he is ready to be on a legitimate contender and if that means not making the high profile salary he has grown used to than so be it. It has been a struggle for him since their last Finals appearance and I think he is ready to forget about ego and try to put some rings on those fingers. With Iverson, the Nuggets can sign Carmelo to max money and keep some of the perimeter double teaming to a minimum. This loosens up Anthony to be a technician from 17 feet and gives the Nuggets some offensive help on the three point arch. Not to mention that Allen Iverson is an elite player on almost every other facet of the game as well.

It is nice to dream isn't it?

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

What's Next On The Nugg Doctor

(FortCollins-CO) The Nugg Doctor will be continuing to publish the ,"Historical Glimpses," articles during the off season. I will also be diligently working on opening a site much like, "The Nugg Doctor," for every NBA team by the start of pre-season basketball in November. In addition to broadening my coverage NBA wide, I will also be starting websites for every NFL team by the start of the 2006-2007 season. Thanks for the continuous readership and I hope to keep all my loyal readers entertained during the off season with, "Historical Glimpses". As always, special requests are always reviewed concerning forgotten legends of the NBA/ABA.
The Nugg Doctor

Monday, May 1, 2006

I Hope It Was Worth It

(FortCollins-CO) Reggie Evans has been fined by the NBA $10,000 and slapped with a flagarant foul for the 'Hows your wedding tackle' on Clipper center Chris Kaman. Kaman, who pushed Reggie Evans down to the floor after the aforementioned, has not commented. The whole incident unfolded right under the basket while both players were in combat for rebounding position. What made Reggie want to grab more than just a piece is still not known.