Thursday, June 28, 2007

Obligatory and Redundant KG Rumor Post

(Boulder-CO) Since everyone else in the free world seems to think their franchise has a chance to land Kevin Garnett why should the Denver Nuggets be any different? Now obviously due to the fact that Kevin Garnett will most likely not be traded, just like every other off-season, the Nuggets have no chance of landing the Big Ticket, but since everyone else has a cockamamie plan to lure him away from Minnesota. I figured I would join, “KG Madness”, on the day of the draft only for the sake of good measure. Not to mention unless something really bizarre happens… This day means nothing to the Denver Nuggets, who have no selection in tonight’s draft.

It is no secret that Kevin Garnett is set to make $22 million bucks for his basketball services next season, (the most of any player in the NBA), and that it would take a wholesale of players to get him in Denver. But since this is KG we are talking about, let’s have some fun and see who the Nuggets could ship away.

Right off the bat you know I’m putting Marcus Camby in the bundle. Camby’s stock is at an all-time high right now and it would only make sense to trade one big man for the other. The only problem is KG is set to make almost triple what the Camby-man is next year and now we must talk fire sale.

Now who better to bundle than the well rested Kenyon Martin? K-Mart is set to make $14.1 million next season and between he and Camby that leaves the Nuggets with just a smidgen more than a million to go before landing the Big Ticket! The Timberwolves are gaining the Defensive Player of the Year and toughness in the frontcourt with the aforementioned duo, but obviously Garnett’s 22 points and 13 rebounds are far more valuable than that. I’m thinking that if any sort of ridiculous hypothetical trade is worth doing than the Nuggets would need to also give up some scoring to tickle Kevin McHale’s fancy.

After looking at Minnesota’s salary cap situation, I think that the best idea, and with keeping this post completely redonkeylips, would be to throw Linas Kleiza in the deal. Who needs a back-up small forward when you have Carmelo Anthony playing nearly 40 minutes a game? If Denver wants to have over 50% of the Western Conference’s starting All-Stars next season they are going to have to part with LK’s $1.01 million in salary next year to get Garnett, (laugh).
So there you have it!

Stop reading all those reports from all the experts about a three or even four team blockbuster trade. The Denver Nuggets are the front runners to land Kevin Garnett! Just like Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and anyone else I have failed to include in the latest installment of, “KG Madness”.

Have fun in Minnesota next year, Kevin. Mr. McHale isn’t going to let you out of Hades for anything less than Jesus himself in a brand new pair of high-tops.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Memory Lane: Nuggets Draft Day History Part V

(Boulder-CO) Along with being one of the overall worst busts in recent NBA Draft history, Nikoloz Tskitishvili is by far and away the worst draft choice the Nuggets have made in the last ten years, and maybe since the formation of the franchise.

Despite not being one of the strongest drafts in recent memory, 2002 is still the class of Amare Stoudemire, Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, (a second round selection), and Caron Butler. Keep in mind, however, that Denver decided on Nikoloz Tskitishvili and will probably never be able to live down such a downright blunder of a selection.

‘Tskeeter, as he liked to be called, turned out to be a terrible professional basketball player and was about as useful to the Nuggets as is bringing firewood to the forest! How a guy with so few tangible skills could go through pre-draft training sessions designed to weed out players who just do not have what it takes to play at the NBA level and become the 5th overall pick belonging to the Denver Nuggets is still beyond me!

‘Tskeeter’s best season by far was his rookie campaign when he averaged 3.9 points and 2.2 rebounds in 81 appearances. The seven footer’s career numbers are 2.1 points, 1.3 rebounds, and get this, 0.1 blocks and he is thankfully now the Phoenix Suns’ problem.

Talk about blowing it.

Memory Lane: Nuggets Draft Day History Part IV

(Boulder-CO) The second worst move the Nuggets have made in the last ten years, and one that is still haunting them today, was trading the rights to Jameer Nelson, the College Player of the Year in 2004 and 20th overall pick of the 2004 draft, to the Magic for their first round pick in 2005. As I have already illustrated in part II of this little mini-series, the 2005 draft was just another blunder for the Nuggets Nation and one that fruited nothing in return for Nelson.

On the other hand, the Magic received a player who started out as a solid back-up for Steve Francis and then proceeded to mature into the clear starter by the midway point in his sophomore season. Since starting his career with the Magic, Nelson has posted career averages of 11.9 points and four assists while keeping an extremely low mark of two turnovers per contest. Jameer has also connected on 35% of all the three-point attempts he has launched so far in his career and grabbed a career-high three rebounds per game last season!

It all adds up into a stinging-like sensation only comparable to sodium chloride rubbed into a fresh laceration when you consider the point guard position is still the main area of concern for the Nuggets. Jameer never even suited up a single game for Denver leaving them once again in the familiar position of having traded someone before they even knew what they had.

Aww, shucks!

Memory Lane: Nuggets Draft Day History Part III

(Boulder-CO) The third worst decision made on draft day by the Denver Nuggets in the last ten years has got to be selecting Tony “El Busto” Battie with the fifth overall selection in the 1997 NBA Draft. The reasons why this move ranks so high are Tony’s lack of impact, the player the Nuggets overlooked in that same draft, and the extremely short stay Battie had with the Nuggets.

While with the Nuggets, Battie didn’t wow anyone with his averages of 8.4 points and 5.4 rebounds. Even worse was how Battie and crew were doing their best to lose 71 games that season. Honestly, being a Nuggets fan sometimes means taking a lot of crap from other NBA fans league wide, but even I hated watching Battie and the rest of the squad at this point in Nuggets’ history.

After that total abomination of an attempt to put a competitive team on the floor the Nuggets quickly shipped El Busto to Boston in return for the rights to Nick Van Exel via a three team deal that sent the rights to Tyronn Lue to the Los Angeles Lakers. The bright side of this whole debacle is that Battie only spent one season with the Nuggets and has since become a NBA journeymen going on his fourth team in ten years.

What makes this choice even worse is the player that the Toronto Raptors ended up with at the 9th pick in that same year. Tracy McGrady has since led the league in scoring twice and has been a perennial All-Star with the Raptors, Magic, and the Rockets. He and cousin Vince Carter, also a player the Nuggets could have drafted, started out as one of the most dynamic duos in the NBA and remain two of the most exciting players in the NBA today.

Oh, what could have been!?!?

Memory Lane: Nuggets Draft Day History Part II

(Boulder-CO) The fourth worst decision that the Nuggets have ever made on draft day is actually a combination of moves that ended up being so bad that it made Winning the Turnover Battle’s Top Ten High School to NBA Busts. It all started in the 2005 NBA Draft when the Nuggets selected Julius Hodge and Jarrett Jack with the 20th and 22nd overall picks.
What makes these two selections so bad is due to more than what first meets the eye. Obviously, Julius Hodge wound up getting shot outside a Denver nightclub and was never able to come back and contribute for the Nuggets after really not being able to contribute in the first place. I guess we can all chalk Hodge up as just being another 20th overall pick who just couldn’t hack it in the NBA, but what makes this day in Nuggets' history even worse is how we traded the rights to Jarrett Jack to the Portland Trailblazers in return for Ricky Sanchez and Linas Kleiza.
LK might end up being the silver lining in all of this mess, but Sanchez can be summed up best by the guys over at who write, “Ricky who? Drafted the pick after Miles in the 2005 draft, Sanchez was traded on draft day to the Nuggets for Jarrett Jack, (Bet the Nuggets would take that one back if they could). The biggest distinction Sanchez has had in his career may well be that at the time he was only the fourth Puerto Rican player to be taken in the NBA draft. Since the draft the closest Sanchez has come to the NBA was a mediocre stint in the NBDL and has actually spent a nearly equal amount of time in the CBA. Ouch.”

Yea, “Ouch”, right about sums it up, fellas!

The Nuggets are in dire need of a starting point guard right now and Jack is materializing into one of the better young point guards in the league today. Do I dare add "Whoops" to that "Ouch".

Memory Lane: Nuggets Draft Day History

(Boulder-CO) Many of you have heard me gripe about how terrible the Nuggets’ decisions on draft day have panned out for the franchise. So in the spirit of the draft later this week I felt that we could all take a quick stroll down memory lane while taking a look at the top five worst mistakes the Denver Nuggets have made when trying to improve on the most important day between the Finals champion being crowned and opening night.

And with no further delay…

The 5th worst move the Nuggets have pulled on draft day was picking Raef LaFrentz with the third overall selection in the 1998 draft. You could argue that while Raef was in Denver he wasn’t exactly a bust due to averaging 13.8 points and 7.6 rebounds, but when you consider the Nuggets could have landed Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, or Paul Pierce the hindsight is what makes this one come in at the five spot.

And to add insult to injury, the Nuggets were just coming off a 11-71 season in 1997-98, (worst in the league), and only managed to improve their record in the 1998-99 season to 14-36 in the shortened lock-out season. Needless to say these were very dark times for Nuggets fans.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

O’Neal for Camby and Nene? I Think Not!

(Boulder-CO) Newsworthy points of interest thus far into the off-season have been few and far between, but that doesn’t mean the most ridiculous of trade rumors are not rampantly swirling. The latest and I guess you could say greatest, involves Marcus Camby and Nene being discussed in trade talks for Jermaine O’Neal of the Indiana Pacers.

The rumor stems from this article at and would be, in my opinion, the worst decision the Nuggets could make since trading three first round picks to New Jersey for Kenyon Martin back in the 2004-05 season.

Now, you all know that I feel Camby is the odd man out and our greatest trade bait, but how in the world the Nuggets would have to ALSO give up Nene for the services of one Jermaine O’Neal is utterly beyond me. I mean, Denver would be giving up the Defensive Player of the Year for a guy that has seemingly hit the glass ceiling of his abilities after all of his numbers, (except for rebounds), have declined slowly and steadily over the last three years. Furthermore, Jermaine O’Neal is set to make $19.7 million dollars next year if he chooses to stay with the Pacers next season and his salary progressively gets bigger through 2010.

So, aside from being a deal that would send two of Denver’s best big men out east for only one in return. The hypothetical deal, as I laugh raucously in reality, would also be a financial nightmare on par with the K-Mart debacle of a few years back.

And as if I need to illustrate how bad this deal would be with anymore clarity. Keep in mind that there would cease to be anymore Nene in powder blue.

After starting out last season out of shape and on a brand new surgically repaired knee, Nene was nothing short of spectacular down the final stretch of 2006-07. He finished with averages of 12.2 points and seven rebounds overall, but had peaks during last season’s campaign of 16.8 points and 9.1 boards. Those numbers right there are basically on par with what O’Neal did in the same respective categories, but Nene brings a toughness factor that Jermaine could only dream about.

The point of all of this is that Nene is a player whose stock is just beginning to rise. During the playoff series with the Spurs, and arguably the most complete power forward EVER in Tim Duncan, Big Brazil posted an average of 16.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 2.5 assists. And for those of you who are keeping track… said numbers made the man formerly known as Hilario Denver’s best big man hands down!

My bottom line is this: Trade Camby straight-up for O’Neal if the Pacers are that eager to change the look of their frontcourt. But at least for next season, Nene is untouchable for the sole reason that the Nuggets need to see what they have before trading it away. If we have seen the apex of what Big Brazil can achieve, so be it, but if we haven’t, watch out! With work on his mid-range jumper, Nene reminds me a whole hell of a lot of Karl Malone both in his size and tenacity, and that is the kind of talent the Nuggets can ill-afford to lose.

Especially for a guy like Jermaine O’Neal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Only Fool is You!

(Boulder-CO) Some how, some way, the article written by Mark Kiszla on June 13, 2007 slipped my gaze until longtime reader, Tymes Rhymes, brought it to my attention. After just reading the article, honestly, I am absolutely appalled by the critical and absolutely unscrupulous judgement Kiszla bestows on J.R. Smith after the tragic event that Smith has just had to endure.

Now before I get too deep into my own judgment of Kiszla’s article let me first say that I am not from the inner city, nor have I experienced the hardships of poverty or racial prejudice. However, I will say that I have numerous dear friends who have overcome such hardships to make it to differing professional athletic ranks and I have played this game on some of the largest and most intimidating stages for the level of ball of which I could reach. A few of the best venues that I have had the honor of playing at have been the University of North Carolina’s high school invite camp and the inner city games of South Beach, Miami, Venice Beach, California, and Brooklyn, New York. I am a lover of hip-hop culture and ethnic cultures different than my own.

With that being said, Kiszla writes, “Born to a good home, raised by two loving parents and made rich as a teenager by the NBA, Smith was so desperate for the street cred glorified by hip-hop culture that he became a poseur, thinking if he wore baggy shorts half off his bum, then maybe Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin and teammates who came up from mean streets would accept him. Smith is a gangsta wannabe who got lost in a dangerous game of make-believe.”

At first I laughed when I read that particular piece of the article, but then my humorous state was quickly replaced by disgust. Let’s get one thing straight right now: J.R. Smith does not need to wear a certain type or size of clothing to be accepted by fellow professionals. I believe that the unwritten rules of respect, on any level of athletics, imply that if a competitor is on the same stage as you then said competitor is there for a reason. And in J.R. Smith’s case… he is a teammate and fellow player in the National Basketball Association because of his physical gifts and his dedication to the game itself. Both of which have taken him to this level of basketball. Gangsta or not, the only fools would be Anthony, Martin, and teammates (none of which I think acutally do), and in this case, Kiszla for making such judgments based upon such meaningless parameters.

Moving on to the next asinine statements Kiszla makes brings us to these gems of journalism. Mark writes, “Anybody who knows Smith, however, is tempted to do the same as Anthony did when the 6-foot-6 guard arrived in town. Melo threw an arm around the newcomer and protected him like a little brother, because J.R. was a small-town kid born down the clean working-class street from where Bruce Springsteen grew up, rather than in the nasty urban jungle of Jay-Z. On the Nuggets, however, Smith was forever stuck being the li'l bro, trying to dunk louder or act crazier to prove he belonged. It was as if he needed to impress Melo, K-Mart and Allen Iverson, who all grew up earning scars from gritty existences that Smith only knew from watching "The Wire" on HBO. Although he flashed gang signs after making 3-point shots, Smith never really knew what he was doing. There is a song by 50 Cent in which the rapper warns the life is too dangerous for a wannabe gangsta. Smith was too busy drowning in a culture bigger than himself to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up.”
Are you kidding me, Kiszla?

First of all, those aren’t gang signs J.R. tosses after connecting on a long range shot, but rather the same signal that the referees uses to alert the scorekeeper that the make was worth three points! Check the referee handbook if you don’t believe me.

Second, and more importantly, where do you get off relating a tragedy of this magnitude to mainstream hip-hop artists’ hyperbolic interpretation of a culture that is merely more than an over glorified money making front that a culture seemingly doesn’t realize reflects their true contributions to society in a negative manner?

Furthermore, I would be very surprised if Kiszla himself has ever listened to anything 50, Jay Z, or anyone else in the hip-hop community has produced since the Sugar Hill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight”, but unlike the man himself… I am not one for bestowing judgments that I can not be sure of!

So to answer your comment, Tymes, I am surprised that this article even made it past the final sports editor over at the Denver Post, (usually the best of the Denver Metro papers). I feel Kiszla is way off base in his assessments and to relate this tragic time to African-American popular culture is down right ridiculous. Just check the comments on the article itself if you don’t believe me!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Would the Rockets be Interested in Camby?

(Boulder-CO) I had a long and very candid discussion today with a die-hard Rockets fan, (you know who you are), and among the many things we discussed the most interesting topic was once again rooted around Dikembe Mutombo. And more importantly, what it would take for the Nuggets to land him in Denver.

If Houston does sign Mutombo this off-season, my friend tends to think that if the Nuggets were to offer Marcus Camby for Rafer Alston and Dikembe that both teams would greatly benefit. On the one hand, the Nuggets land themselves a legit point guard with a nearly 3:1 assist to turnover ratio and a 36% success rate from downtown. Plus, they would feel salary cap relief that Skip’s $4.5 million dollar contract would provide and have a back-up center for Nene in Mutombo. On the other, Houston would gain an interchangeable player that could play the four along side Yao, and in the event that Ming plays less than 60 games, (a mark that he hasn’t been able to meet the last two seasons), Marcus could slide over and play the five for the Rockets. Not to mention Houston just traded Juwan Howard for Mike James to bolster their backcourt along side Tracy McGrady.

Think about all that for a second…

Denver gets a true starting point guard and a defensive minded back-up center who provides the Nuggets with the flexibility of being able to play Nene at the four spot if both men were to be in the game at the same time and Houston gets an insurance policy for the fragile Yao Ming at center and a player that thrives coming off the weak side help.

Both teams win!

Anyone else think that this is mutually a great move for all of those involved?

Catching Back Up After my Quick Absence

(Boulder-CO) This post serves as merely a crash course in the ongoings in the land of the Denver Nuggets. I have been away from the column for a few days and luckily for me, and you, there hasn't been too much going on. Here are the quick notes of what you might have missed.
- J.R. Smith is receiving support from his teammates, the NBPA, friends, family, and George Karl since friend Andre Bell died.
- J.R. Smith's toxicology report has not yet been made public information and at this point if there were to be a story surrounding such report. I think that it would have already surfaced.
- The Nuggets held their free agency mini-camp over the weekend, but cut it short one day after probably seeing enough of the reported 20-25 players who participated. Ex Michigan State University guard Mateen Cleaves was one of the more notable players at the camp.
- The odds of any of those aforementioned free agents making next year's team are slim. Vice President of Player Personnel Rex Chapman said, "I'd say the odds aren't real good, but everybody in here has been fighting those battles for years. They're very accustomed to that."
- Up next in the search for available talent is a scheduled workout with potential college talent that includes D.J. Strawberry from Maryland and Air Force guard Dan Nwaelele.
- Not much is expected to materialize from the matter of DerMarr Johnson's recent run-in with the law which resulted in him getting tasered outside the Purple Martini in downtown Denver.
- The Nuggets do not have a pick in this year's NBA Draft, but that doesn't mean that they are not entertaining any and all offers to secure one as late as draft day...
So, as I said before, I am back on the radar watching everything that is related to the Denver Nuggets. As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check back daily to stay on top of the basketball scene right here in the Mile High City.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RIP Andre Bell – What’s Next for J.R.?

(Boulder-CO) I am tardy getting this news posted due to a little bit of personal business that I hope I am able to share with you all at a later date, but it saddens me to report that Andre Bell, passenger of J.R. Smith’s in the automobile accident which occurred this weekend, died late last night in a New Jersey hospital.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting today that J.R. Smith will be cited for his role in the accident which occurred over the weekend, but what is not certain as of this time are the results of the toxicology report or the impact this tragic turn of events will have on J.R.’s season with the Nuggets.

Tom Ziller from AOL’s Fan House is relating this to Denver Post writer Chris Dempsey’s cross reference to a similar case in the NHL. Dempsey points out that in Dany Heatley's 2003 crash which left teammate Dan Snyder dead. Heatley ended up serving only probation, but missed a year of ice time.
I think I speak for all of us when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to Bell’s family and friends, as well as, J.R. Smith and everyone else involved in this accident. I will be continuing to follow all of the details that are sure to develop in this matter, and as always, keep it locked on The Nugg Doctor for further developments in this story.
(Please, please let the toxicology report return clean...)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

DerMarr Tasered! I repeat, DerMarr Tasered!

(Boulder-CO) It just wasn’t the Nuggets weekend. After J.R. Smith is involved with a car accident, it is being reported that DerMarr Johnson was tasered outside a Denver nightclub Saturday night.

The report states, “Johnson and two women were arrested, booked and released early Saturday. The women were charged with disturbing the peace. Dan Recht, Johnson's lawyer, said, 'his client was breaking up a fight between the two women'.”

I do not have much to say about this one other than I hope DerMarr is ok. Anytime someone gets tasered it is usually a situation that is way out of control. Somebody better know where Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson are right now because it looks like anything can, will, and has happened this weekend.

J.R. Smith in Fender Bender; One Seriously Hurt

(Boulder-CO) While back at home in New Jersey, J.R. Smith was involved in an automobile accident with friend, Andre Bell, being seriously injured and air lifted to Jersey Shore University Hospital in Neptune with severe head wounds.

The driver of the other automobile was also injured, but both he, J.R. Smith, and Smith’s other passenger, Carl Marshall, were taken to CentraState Medical Center in Freehold via ambulance, but the three avoided serious injuries.

Carl Marshall had just completed his senior basketball season at Seton Hall University.

The rest of the story, including whose fault the accident allegedly was, can be found right here.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Blake Buying Real Estate in Portland

(Boulder-CO) The title of this story is the only factual information I have to give you. The report is Steve Blake has purchased a new house, in the same neighborhood as his previous residence, in West Linn, Portland.

Now this doesn’t mean that Steve Blake is gearing up for a trade. Actually, it doesn’t really mean anything, but if there were a team that Blake would conceivably dart for it would be the Trailblazers. Along with having the first overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, which inevitably means Greg Oden, the Trailblazers are very familiar with Blake. Jason Quick writes, “Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard and Blake are close. Signing Blake was Pritchard's first significant player personnel move two years ago, and Pritchard was sick to his stomach last summer when Blake was traded to Milwaukee for Jamaal Magloire."

The other contributing factors in this whole saga is how much money Blake is looking to make next year and if the Nuggets can afford to pay him. Denver is in a bit of a financial bind with Kenyon Martin’s gianormous contract still looming, the increased price of Carmelo’s services, and Nene’s new contract all kicking in next year. Obviously, the Nuggets are shallow in their backcourt, but the real question is going to be how far Stan Kroenke wants to go into the red of the NBA luxury tax. The Trailblazers one the other hand are looking at all kinds of financial freedom due to only having $57 million dollars on the books as of this time in next season’s combined team salary.

This means that the Blake situation is going to be one of the main off-season stories to follow for numerous different reasons.

First of all, if the Nuggets do lose out in the bidding war over Steve Blake they will be forced to move at least one of their front court players not named Carmelo for help at point guard. This means Camby, Evans, Najera, or Martin or any combination of those names will be on the trading block. However, if the Nuggets do manage to keep Steve Blake that leaves them with the option of going out and finding either a point or shooting guard. A bigger name would certainly give Stevie B a run for the starting job. A lesser known player would come off the bench in relief for Blake.

My opinion is Steve Blake is not the man to commandeer the roster full of dynamic personalities that the Nuggets currently have. He is a rock solid reserve guard, that much is for certain, but I do not think that he has the vocal leadership abilities that the starting job in Denver necessitates. Guys like Iverson, Anthony, Martin, and Nene need to have a certain level of respect, one that only a championship ring brings, for the leader of this team. As of right now not a soul in the entire Nuggets franchise has that kind of street credibility and that reason alone is why the Nuggets seemingly fall apart every May.

Keep Stevie B if he fully understands his role, including the financial one, with this team; otherwise don’t flinch if and when he bolts for more money because he obviously has a new mortgage to cover. And who can blame him?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Best Dunker You Don't Know About

(Boulder-CO) His name is Kadour Ziani and he is from France. Report is that he is 5'10" with a 56" vertical leap! The last segment is of Ziani on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. I'll let the videos speak for themselves...

He kinda looks like Doug Christie, but you didn't hear that from me!

Meet Dr. Greenberg - Caliper CEO

(Boulder-CO) Jeff Wong, contributing writer for, had the opportunity to interview a very influential NBA personality in Dr. Herb Greenberg. The good Doctor is the CEO of Caliper, which is a test that measures numerous intangibles of potential NBA draft picks. Learn more about the man, and the test, by clicking this link. Big thanks to Jeff Wong for putting together such an informative and entertaining interview.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

You're Invited to the DT Block Party!

(Boulder-CO) I have been reading, "Skywalker", written by David Thompson in preparation for a massive Historical Glimpse article and some of the recounted stories are absolutely amazing! I wanted to embed this YouTube clip of DT swatting Bill Walton, but the creator has disabled such feature. You will have to bang this link to watch it, but if you have never seen Thompson in action I highly suggest you do. The guy had the type of hops that legends are made of!

Scott Hastings Parties in Boulder

(Boulder-CO) I caught this on another blog, somewhere out there in Internet fantasy land, and felt that because there is absolutely nothing on the Nugget radar today that I would share it with you. It is Altitude Sports & Entertainment's own Scott Hastings partying at a local Boulder bar called the Reef. Don't fear the reaper!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Resources Abundant

(Boulder-CO) A good friend of mine, former publisher of Nuggets Noise, has started a new blog covering just about every angle of the Colorado sports scene. Go check it out at I will also be adding it to the ever growing blogroll for those of you with a fleeing memory.

The Lakers and Other Things Make me Laugh

(Boulder-CO) Marc J. Spears of the Denver Post wrote in his yesterday offerings, “Word is the Nuggets laughed at the Lakers last week when they called dangling butter-fingered big man Kwame Brown for Marcus Camby”. Do I dare ask who could not laugh at that? Kwame Brown has been reported to have the smallest hands of anyone who has ever grown to be that tall since the creation of man and his numbers have been the most embarrassing thing to happen to a number one overall pick since, well, since Michael Olowokandi!

Another thing that makes me laugh is the Nuggets potentially landing Ron Artest. Let me first say that if they do pick Ron-Ron out of the trash I will strongly consider jumping ship and start writing a blog on the Utah Jazz! He is the epitome of what is wrong with professional sports today and I personally would not bat an eye if he never played in the NBA again (highly unlikely, but hey…). How a guy with a NBA-busy schedule still has enough time to get into that much trouble is a mystery to me. I’m thinking about renting a skywriter and having the pilot write, “No Ron Artest in Denver”, right over the Pepsi Center! Hopefully Nuggets management will get the memo.

Also keeping me doubled over in laughter was how everyone jumped right on LeBron’s case after he dished the final shot to a wide-open Donyell Marshall in the corner in the final seconds of game one. The defense collapsed on him and he did what he should have been done! What did everyone want him to do? Luckily, all those writers that questioned his “killer instinct” can now find their oh-so familiar spots on his derrière for the four or five games that it takes the Spurs to dispose of the Cavs. The Spurs are in a class of their own, and I am just glad that the Nuggets gave them what you can argue was the best series of their inevitable championship run!

And finally, the last thing that gives me the chuckles is Kobe Bryant. He is an All-Universe talent, that much is a given, but he is also an All-Universe knuckle head for the flip-flop routine he produced last week in regards to demanding a trade, I mean, wanting to stay, wait a minute, maybe wanting to be traded if the situation is right. Poor Kobe, the man needs a good publicist to run his ideas by before they become headline news.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Don’t You Wish You Still Had ‘Em?

(Boulder-CO) This week’s installment is the Nike Air Force 180’s that were worn by The Round Mound of Rebound himself. A little heavy, no pun intended, for my hard court endorsement, but these shoes were absolutely the most comfortable kicks for knockin’ around town in. Original pairs from 1992 usually have yellowing on the visible Air Sole unit in the heal, but re-issues are available.
Don’t you wish you still had ‘em?