Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Denver Dishes 20th Pick to Charlotte

(Boulder-CO) Cancel your draft party, Denverites because the Nuggets no longer have a pick in Thursday night's NBA Draft after they announced today that they have traded their 20th overall selection to the Charlotte Bobcats for a future protected first-round pick. ESPN reports that this may have been a move on Charlotte's behalf to obtain the rights to 7'2" Georgetown Center Roy Hibbert. In 2009 it is lottery protected. In 2010 it's protected 1-12, 2011 it's protected 1-10, 2012 it's 1-8, and 2013 it's protected for picks 1-3.
Couldn't the Nuggets have used a young, BIG, collegiate seasoned back-up for Marcus Camby, or perhaps, his replacement should he be wisely traded before the season begins?
I'll leave you with these two answers:
1. The Charlotte Bobcats are going to be a dismal team not only next year, but for years to come. It is in this capacity that the Nuggets may have made a good decision to deal a late round pick now for a potentially great pick later. My fingers are crossed for this to be the case.
2. The secretive Denver Nuggets Management team, one that has historically been terrible on draft night, has just made another horrendous blunder. Some are saying Roy Hibbert, a player who's stock is down after a bit of a senior season let down, could very well be the sleeper in this year's draft. And of course, you can't teach size and Hibbert is a solid 7'2"-275lbs.
Does anyone remember the name Leon Powe?
Go Nuggets!

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Anonymous said...

This better mean that they're saving money to re-sign J.R. If he goes to San Antonio (!), I'm gonna be sick.