Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kiszla Draws Convenient Conclusions, Again

(Boulder-CO) You've have got to love Denver Post writer Mark Kiszla for his ability to jump on a man, or in this case men, when they're down, draw conclusions, and connect the imaginary dots. Furthermore, this is not the first time he has done just that. Remember his article about J.R. Smith and the dot he connected the Prodigy's hardships of last summer to?

Welcome to the next installment of Kiszla 101.

In his most recent article, the best that Mark can do when comparing the Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, his past and most recent run-in with the law, and the Denver Broncos' young problematic receiver Brandon Marshall is they both sport the number 15.

On the one hand, Carmelo's off and on the court problems include the infamous "Stop Snitchin'" video, marijuana in a travel bag, a limp-wristed dry gulching of Mardy Collins, and the most recent driving while under the influence charges. And don't get me wrong, all of these incidents leave Carmelo in the wrong, but none of which are worthy of disowning Anthony or continuing to drag his name through the mud. The cameo was a bad decision made by a young man who had returned home to the streets he was raised on. Believe it or not, the marijuana was claimed by a friend. In my opinion, Mardy Collins deserved the slap that wobbled his legs for the goonery he pulled on J.R. Smith, and the most recent poor decision of getting behind the wheel when impaired is just flat out irresponsible; not just to 'Melo himself, his young son, and his fiance LaLa, but also the citizens of Denver, his teammates, and the rest of Nuggets organization.

Now, on the other hand, the Denver Broncos' wide receiver Brandon Marshall is his own man and it is of my opinion that anything he does is his business and in no way, shape, or form parallel to Carmelo Anthony or the Denver Nuggets and vice versa.

So, why is Kizsla trying to once again connect two dots that seemingly have nothing in common?
The answer is probably just as puzzling as the question itself. Sure, they wear the same number. And yes, they are both the young stars of two out of the three major Denver sports franchises, but that is right about where the similarities stop.
I don't know a whole lot about Marshall and his off the field antics, nor do I care to find out, but I do know that for every time Carmelo's name has been associated with wrong doing there is at least twice as many mentionings of it in a positive light. For instance, 'Melo sponsors the "Hood Movement" (a 3-on-3 basketball tournament), donates millions to his Alma mater, is taking an active role in the "Alive at 25" program, is a spokesman for the Family Resource Center and helps organize a Christmas party, entitled "A Very Melo Christmas," for less well-off children, organized the Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center in Baltimore, and contributed $1.5 million to the Living Classrooms Foundation, a non-profit organization that, "provides innovative hands-on-education, job-training and community service programs for over 35,000 children, youth and young adults in the east Baltimore community."

But did Kiszla mention any of those involvements?

The answer of course is an emphatic, "NO", because all the good stuff Carmelo is involved with doesn't get the same kind of press the few times he has been associated with negativity does. So, while we all pass time watching America's past time waiting for the Olympic games in Beijing to start. Just keep the big picture in mind when articles like the most recent offering from Mark Kiszla get published and remember that to fall from grace one must first obtain it. Unfortunately, Carmelo has done both, but all too often he doesn't get to bask in the good as much as he is ridiculed for the bad.

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Jason said...

Nick, I agree with you. It seems to be a disturbing trend among all mainstream media. Instead of actually having perception into the situation and thinking about it rationally, the media at times just plain overkills something.

In this case, I am tired of hearing about Melo. I would be willing to bet that if he were to be late paying a bill and the media found would be yet another sign of how irresponsible and immature Carmelo Anthony is.

It is time the media have a little empathy and realize that Sports figures, while in the limelight, never asked to be role models. They are just like the rest of us, imperfect humans, trying to get through life and make good decisions. Sometimes your decisions are bad and sometimes good.

I am just glad Mark Kiszla doesn't write an article about it would probably have to be pages longer talking about his downfalls.

Ah well...we gotta take it for what it is. Look at this way Nick - this is why fans like myself now look to the blogger world for better insight because it seems you just cannot get it from the mainstream media any longer.