Thursday, April 27, 2006

It Wasn’t Pretty, But Mission Accomplished

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets saddled up and handled business tonight regardless of how sloppy this game was. Denver missed 13 free throws, turned the ball over 15 times, and missed all eleven three point shot attempts taken. Fortunately, they hounded the Los Angeles Clippers and caused 23 turnovers that fruited 27 points. Also critical to the win was the Nuggets effort on the offensive glass. Denver out rebounded the Clippers on the offensive end 13 to five, and 39 to 37 in the game’s entirety. This game lacked artistic flare, but the Nuggets were able to persevere and win, 94-87, in a game that might have just saved their season.

Carmelo Anthony wasn’t spectacular shooting the ball tonight, a mere 6-17, but found his way to the free throw line and made good on 12 of 18 from the charity stripe. The majority of his made jumpers came from the right side of the floor and were off quick moves before the double team arrived. ‘Melo was also brilliant in other areas besides scoring. He had arguably his most complete playoff game of his young career, despite not shooting a high percentage, by recording seven rebounds and four assists. The Nuggets other biggest assets on offense were Earl Boykins and Andre Miller. Earl came off the bench and contributed 27 solid minutes with only one turnover, pitched in 13 points, and five assists. Miller was also efficient. The Nuggets point guard scored 14 points, snared three rebounds, and passed out seven assists while only coughing it up twice. The Nuggets finally got out and ran the floor, even though they didn’t quite hit the century mark, and the pace of this game was favorable.

All of these are good things for Nuggets fans, but there was one performance that I felt really pushed the Nuggets over the hump. That performance was from Rueben Patterson. Rueben didn’t light up the box score in points or play spectacular defense, but what Rueben did do was find three offensive rebounds in critical points in the game where the Nuggets were looking like they were slipping into a funk. These three offensive rebounds may not seem like much, but they were at crucial junctures in this game and made a monumental difference.

The Nuggets were also wise to continually attack the bucket, which put both Elton Brand and Chris “The Neanderthal” Kaman in serious foul trouble. Brand would foul out of the game late in the fourth quarter, and Kaman would finish the game with two points and five fouls. The figurative schmorgisborg of second chance points that these two fed on in game one and two was just not there tonight. Largely in part to Marcus Camby recording 13 rebounds and scoring twelve points in a solid double-double performance that included drawing a critical charge in the wee minutes of the game.

The order is still tall for the Nuggets. I still believe that their only chance to win this series still wavers on a game four victory. If they can knot this series at deuces, it is literally up for grabs. The Mile High City is going to be rockin’ on Saturday night and the Nuggets need to restore faith in the Denver faithful. Tonight’s effort and resolve was a good start. The Nuggets need to trim back to rough edges, execute more efficiently, shoot a better percentage from the free throw line, and keep attacking the basket to win game four. A lot to ask, I know, but you could be right back in this one Nuggies! Take care of business and square this series up a two a piece!


Nugg Doctor said...

It would have seemed as if both TNT and Altitude were not showing the Nugget bench during the game. Did Kenyon Martin even sit on the Nugget sideline? If you caught a glimpse of him, let me know. I didn't see him all night and the annoucers on both stations avoided mentioning the recent fiasco for the most part. I am very curious of his whereabouts...

PizzaDaHutt said...

He's probably in Tijuana partying his ass off.

The Nuggets played their hearts out this game, but it won't be enough next game. Clippers probably win out from here.

Nugg Doctor said...
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Nugg Doctor said...

I hope your wrong Pizza, but just as any good hero sets the stage, they wouldn't be there unless their was a villian. You are such foe! Thanks for Reading! Got my fingers in a knot trying to post this the first time!!

The Nugg Doctor