Monday, April 10, 2006

Nuggets Unite for Win Against Warriors

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets were faced with some disturbing news prior to this game with Golden State. The beauty of the news that guard Julius Hodge had been shot was that it brought the Nuggets together. Just like any sobering event throughout history, regardless of social magnitude, when an event of such grounding implications occurs it solidifies groups of people with a common thread of identity. The young men on the Denver Nuggets came together as one for the win against the Warriors 95-92, despite not playing their best game.

Carmelo Anthony scored 28 points and had three assists as he continues to hit that tender mid range jumper. He had nice contributions from Elson (13 points), Camby (17 rebounds), Patterson (12 points), and Eisely (Eleven points and four assists). The Nuggets had 24 assists total in the outing, which shows that they are effectively moving the ball and getting out on the break for easy buckets. All good signs for the playoffs forthcoming.

If there was a weakness in the Nuggets performance it is that first six minutes of the second half that can sometimes put a team away, or let them right back in it. Against the Warriors, the Nuggets let them right back in the thick of things. The Nuggets allowed the Warriors to score their most points in a quarter, 28, and quasi-flopped out by only putting up 19 of their own. Good thing they tightened the reigns in the fourth quarter, otherwise they were in potential danger of letting this one slip away.

Denver faces a struggling Portland Trailblazer squad tonight. If they win they will clinch the Northwest Division title for the first time in 18 years. They have already secured a tie at worst-case scenario, but I see it as almost next to impossible to not win one of the next five games. Get the champagne iced down, but save the good stuff for a little later in April. One goal being accomplished is nice, however there are still many more obstacles to overcome before the Nuggets have really won anything quite yet.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Julius, and his family and friends. A speedy recovery and a full rehabilitation is all we ask for, but take as much time as you need Julius. Let the boys in powder blue take care of things on the court. I think that this whole ordeal can be a blessing in disguise if it can bring the Nuggets closer to each other and create a sense of team identity that was in some regards needing of some overhauling.
Denver, you are almost there. Take care of yourselves, and the Trailblazers, and get some rest before the post season starts. It would be very nice to be able to sit some starters down the stretch and come out fresh, loose, and focused when it really matters.

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nanananana said...

a nice human article. God speed to Julius.