Tuesday, May 2, 2006

What's Next On The Nugg Doctor

(FortCollins-CO) The Nugg Doctor will be continuing to publish the ,"Historical Glimpses," articles during the off season. I will also be diligently working on opening a site much like, "The Nugg Doctor," for every NBA team by the start of pre-season basketball in November. In addition to broadening my coverage NBA wide, I will also be starting websites for every NFL team by the start of the 2006-2007 season. Thanks for the continuous readership and I hope to keep all my loyal readers entertained during the off season with, "Historical Glimpses". As always, special requests are always reviewed concerning forgotten legends of the NBA/ABA.
The Nugg Doctor


nanananana said...

Thank you Nugg Dr. for all the post game re-caps, updates, and general entertainment this season. I will be on the lookout for those historical glimpses as those are a real treat also and the new alias postings too, those will be a great addition. Good luck and keep writing!

PizzaDaHutt said...

How 'bout some historical glimpses of streetball legends and college legends that never made it for one reason or another.

Nugg Doctor said...


You got it! I am extremely busy right now, but the next time a "Historical Glimpse" gets published it will be on Lloyd Daniels, AKA "Sweet Pea." Maybe one of the best that never made the big time!

The Nugg Doctor