Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Rumor Mill Continues To Spin

(FortCollins-CO) According to hints and rumors posted on, the Denver Nuggets are possibly working on a deal with the Portland Trailblazers that would send Zach Randolph to Denver in a swap for Kenyon Martin. Randolph averaged 18 PPG and 8 RPG last season on a very lack luster Trailblazer unit.

All the buzz on the aforementioned website is pretty negative in evaluation concerning Randolph. Jeers ranging from, “He’s fat,” to the questioning of his character due to off the court problems are abundant, but I believe in giving athletes second chances in new surroundings before throwing them to the lions. I am sure we can all remember when Vince Carter’s character was in question when he was disgruntled with Toronto’s organization. Now look at his revamped career with the Nets, ahh what a difference a change in scenery makes.

The only thing not in question right now is if Kenyon Martin should be traded. He for one is probably the most in need of a change in environment. I have been very vocal in my distaste of the Nugget power forward, but also wish him a rejuvenated start wherever he may land this off-season.

Is Zach Randolph what the Nuggets really need to acquire this off-season? Maybe not, but as the rumor mill continues to spin, it needs to be reported.

Even if Randolph were to end up a Nugget he would be in a battle for the potentially starting nod from George Karl, (If he is even back), with the return of Nene next season.

How about some rumors on some big time shooting guards? There has got to be someone who is the perfect fit for Denver out there somewhere.

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