Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mutiny On Nugget Ship: Coach Karl vs. Players vs. Players

(FortCollins-CO) Make it an off season of total dissention for the Denver Nuggets. The Denver Post reports that one Nugget has gone public when asked about George Karl’s coaching style as saying, "George's style is a smart-ass fashion. George never takes the blame. He can be an egotistical (jerk). Guys by the end of the year had had enough of it. It showed in the playoffs."
In return to that comment Karl retorted with this statement, “I tell them things in a lot of different fashions. Smart-ass is one way. Most things are told first one on one. If they refuse to listen, I go to something else. I go back to our first meeting as a reference. I'll ask them in front of the team. Is it my job to push players to be the best or let them be soft? My job is not to be liked. My job is to push them to win. A lot of times players just want it one way. Sorry. I'm going to attack things that affect my basketball team. Sure, I know my ego."
To make things even more complex another anonymous Nugget has said this in his coaches defense. “All of the guys on this team are overly sensitive. And quite a few of them are very immature."
So now not only do we have players that don’t care for the coaching style of George Karl, but we have players who don’t care for one another too. Players that don’t like other players, players that don’t care for coaches, players sidling with coaches is not the way to progress in the right direction in the off season. This team is like a house of cards right now just waiting for the hurricane beacon to sound.
What about trade rumors circulating around obtaining a shooting guard or what is happening with the Kenyon Martin situation? Or even better still… How about keeping clubhouse comments in the clubhouse and not airing your dirty laundry in the media. I wish I could say that the next bit of Nuggets information is going to be good, but its looking like the contrary.

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