Thursday, June 29, 2006

Total Despair By This Nuggets Writer

(FortCollins-CO) I had to take a minute to calm myself down before I sat down to write this article. The people in Nugget management have me in complete bewilderment as to what they are trying to do with this team. I was hoping to have good news to report after the draft concerning any trades or new personnel, but instead the Nuggets decided to trade quite possibly the biggest sleeper in the draft! Now they are in worse shape then they were after they humbly allowed the Clippers to win in five and if that wasn‘t enough they still don’t have a General Manager.
With the 49th pick in the 2006 NBA Draft the Denver Nuggets selected Leon Powe. Powe is a 6’8” power forward from University of California at Berkley who was featured as one of the top sleepers in the draft according to earlier this week. So naturally, since the Nuggets are notorious for blowing it on draft day, they traded their pick to Boston for another second round pick in next year’s draft. If they were just going to trade whoever was around late in the second round it should be no surprise to anyone that they wouldn’t have yet announced who the GM of this team is either. Anyone with a pulse could have just traded a guy like Powe to the Celtics and then had a coke and a smile. So, to recap this off season let me just remind everyone what the Nuggets have gotten accomplished; First, they (Being players and coaches) have publicly trashed each other’s styles and characters in the media. Second, have not signed Carmelo Anthony to any kind of contract. Third, have not traded Kenyon Martin nor signed Nene. Fourth, have not addressed the blatant deficiency at shooting guard. And finally, and most frustrating, is they draft and trade a power forward that could be a big time talent at the same time as being a cheap back up plan in the probable event that Nene or Kenyon Martin do get traded before the start of preseason camp in October.
Is Stan Kroenke purposely trying to sabotage this franchise? I have to ask because this is certainly no way to run a basketball team that is supposed to be committed to getting better in hopes of one day winning the NBA championship (Or at least getting out of the first round).
There is no good news, no good buzz on the street, and certainly no sense being made at this point for the Nuggets. Oh, but just in case your wondering, Julius Hodge is doing fine despite being shot numerous times after an altercation at a night club earlier this year and not being able to contribute for the Nuggets in anyway, shape, or form last season.
If the Nuggets and their management do not get the ball rolling in the right direction soon it is not going to amount to much success in next year’s campaign. Slipping into a cushy third seed isn’t going to happen next year. This is a team that is ready to perish like a poor villager at the foot of the great volcano as it erupts destructively all over the country side. Anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, at this point not concerning Shawn Kemp or any other riffraff that has been plaguing this team since about the All-Star break would seem like a wish granted.

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Unknown said...

I think the whole damn Draft this year was awful! I'm a little confused by some of the picks...