Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nuggets Balk at Garbage Trade Offers

(FortCollins-CO) I have been keeping my ear close to the streets on the whole Kenyon Martin fiasco since day one and the only thing that I have at this point is my worst nightmare. Of all the speculated trades that have been offered for the disgruntle forward. reports that the Nuggets have laughed at all the aforementioned offers and referred to them as 'Junk'. If the Nuggets are not able to trade for anyone of real value. The Nuggets are going to be stuck with Martin next year. If this does happen, the optimistic way of looking at the situation is to hope that Martin breaks out of this mediocre funk that was his 2005-06 season and plays like a player with a 70 million dollar contract. A tall order indeed. More likely is the chance that he will continue to be a negative vortex that only plays in select games due to his knee injury and cause negative team chemistry. More to come as soon as more is available...

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JM said...

I look at the Kenyon Martin situation, and it parallel's very closely with the situation in Utah with Carlos Boozer. The guy was on the trading block because he was always injured, he was overpaid, and he ruined the team chemistry when he did play. He's having a great year and was voted to the all-star game last I checked. I don't hear anyone in Salt Lake complaining these days.

Do you think Kenyon wants to sit on his but. When the man is healthy, he give it his all out there on the court. If you ask me he should have sat out 05-06 because of the surgery. Amare Stoudemire did after having the same operation and is flourishing. K-Mart is super excited to be playing with AI and with him healthy we will have one of the most feared front courts in the NBA next year. He'll be back. This isn't the first time he's had to overcome a serious knee injury.