Thursday, August 23, 2007

Statement Game: USA vs. Venezuela

(Boulder-CO) My analysis of the Team USA vs. Venezuela game is quite simple indeed, and to not much surprise to me or any other Nuggets fan, Carmelo played an intricate part in the dominating victory the boys from the states put on the boys from South America. So, to be concise, the USA ripped Venezuela from opening tap to final buzzer in a contest reminiscent of the 1992 Dream Team.

Carmelo Anthony led all Team USA scorers with 17 points to fit nicely with his four boards in just a quick 16 minutes of play. I would also like to point out that Bill Walton called Carmelo, " A natural player", in regards to how easy the game comes to him within the context of competition. And last night's game against Venezuela was a perfect illustration of Walton's point. Carmelo didn't force the issue offensively and still finished with an impressive box score in a meager amount of floor time. Quite simply stated: 'Melo just gets it done! And with Team USA's tremendous upgrade at the point guard position with Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups... Anthony's flow seems that much more effortless.

Furthermore, the leadership roles of Team USA seems to be much more focused so far in these FIBA games compared to last year's with the aforementioned additions at point guard and with the addition of one Kobe Bryant. Guys seem to know their roles much better this time around as was evident in last night's, 112-69, blowout.
And for those keeping track... Carmelo remains Team USA's leading scorer if you factor in the Blue vs. White scrimmage.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looked pretty sharp out there. Redd matched Melo's 17 and looked like the shooter we've needed for the past few international competitions. I absolutely love watching Kidd in this environment -- he's the perfect player to complement that insane starting lineup. I love the decision to start Dwight over Amare just because he doesn't demand the ball and does all the dirty work (rebounding, interior D) while still being able to score in the post when he needs to.

That Kidd save, Melo pass to LeBron, behind-the-back to Kobe sequence was SICK. Totally reminded me of the clinics that the '92 team would put on -- like the All-Star Game we never have. I love watching this stuff, I'm such a damn nerd. I'm recording all of Nene's games also and even tuned in to see Mexico for a bit.

The Foges said...

Hey Nuggdoctor,

How do you compare this U.S. Men's team with the '96 or '00 teams? Obviously there is no comparison to the Dream Team, which, in my opinion, is the greatest team in the history of sports.

Nugg Doctor said...

Yo foges,

While I am complete agreement with you on the Dream Team, I think that this team would have held its own with the '96 and the 2000 USA Basketball teams. It was blatantly apparent from the 2006 FIBA games that the missing piece was a mature point guard and J Kidd has certainly straightened out that problem. Plus, the addition of Kobe Bryant puts this year's team right up there with the teams you mentioned.

However, the '92 Dream Team was by far and away the best assembly of professional athletes that the world of team professional sports has ever seen and I candidly challenge anyone out there to disaggree.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor