Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Have I Been Gone?

(Boulder-CO) Ok ok, so I know that the faithful readers of this blog have probably been wondering where in the hell I have been for the last ten days and there is an answer to that question. I have been in the process of a major residence relocation and it just happens to be that where my domicile is located is way out in the sticks without any readily available Internet access. I am working on the problem right now, but until the quagmire is fixed I will be posting FIBA recaps for Team USA (mainly due to Carmelo's continued leadership role) and Team Brazil (mainly because Nene is a beast) the morning after both teams play. Sit tight for the next 90 minutes and the goods will be delivered.
I appreciate your continued patience. Not having the Internet right now is harder on me than it is you, trust me.

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