Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Elton Brown Interview

(Boulder-CO) Good Buddy, Ridiculous Matt of the famed site Ridiculous Upside recently had the chance to talk with Nuggets' Summer League player Elton Brown. Now, we all know about the newly acquired Philadelphia 76er Elton Brand, but how much do you know about an, "an undrafted player out of Virginia, who's spent time in the D-League, Greece, and Israel, and is now competing again for an NBA roster spot."

Go Nuggets!

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Jason said...

I like Elton Brown. Everything I have read about him is very positive. His game sort of reminds me of someone like Jason Maxiell...a guy who will hit the glass and do some dirty work inside.

To me, that is exactly what Denver could use in a reserve role. My guess is that he comes to camp, impresses and makes the team!