Monday, July 7, 2008

Penny Pinchin' at Point

(Boulder-CO) Sure, Anthony Carter did a great job last year with all things being considered. But, are the Denver Nuggets (a team fresh off getting embarrassed by way of a sweep in the first round of the playoffs) really going to try and hammer a square peg into round hole again?

It appears so.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting today that the Denver Nuggets have offered a one-year $1.262 million minimum deal to Anthony Carter to return next year and run the point.
Look, I understand the Nuggets are strapped financially, but if you're already going to put an $85 million dollar product on the floor. Don't get cheap when it comes down to the final pieces of the puzzle. In this case: Go out and get a team general. I equivocate this move to spending big bucks on a sports car and then getting cheap when it comes putting the right tires on it.
The Denver Nuggets need to address two positions this off-season: Point Guard and Center.
This move does neither.


Jason said...

I agree, and am appalled if this is the plan for this Front Office.

We have got to make changes...otherwise we will be the same ole 50 win one series and out team, period.

But never makes sense as a Nuggets fan!

Phil said...

They should go with Taurean Green for point guard then. They made a wise choice of picking him up since he did real good as an MVP for the Florida Gators back to back championships...just like Tracy McGrady doubling his points per game after a few seasons after adjustment. It doesn't matter how much the point guard makes only if he makes the shots and baskets that win the game. If you wanna go dollar for dollar against some of these players out there, get ready for the change. cause a lot of these non-million dollar players can get points as well. so if you wanna give Taurean Green 20 points per game vs someone making 17 points a game and with more wins more people will come to the game so if any of these rookies play and develop then u can see the competition become more and more about winning then money...after all after the end of the season do you wanna be counting your hard earned money or celebrating your winning share of it. you spend money here and u have to keep track of it...u workout at the gym have those hard workouts then have a bad game...go to practice and redeem until u get tired...then u have to travel...lots of serious stuff this NBA gets. The business of staying on top of your game. So, do you wanna listen to your coach or listen to yourself? all this experience aint nothing if you aint with the team. if you get the team organized and you guys win u can get some heads turning and saying wow! what good is it when you win a game here and there when you can practice with your team or ask them if they can watch what zone they're playing so you can hit the perimeter shot or drive in for a dunk or layup. if you wanna dominate all the time thats fine, you got melo and ai to do that but what do they do on fastbreaks and half court offense against the other big players? this season lets see Taurean Green produce a whole lot of offense. But i hope they study the game with coach cause all the people starting should have a good reason. so when melo gets back from China he'll have a lot of brains from the experience of the olympics just let him take a breather until preseason. good luck to the team. i'm not there anyways...but i'll be watching.

Foolioami said...


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