Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trading Camby: Smart! - But For Crumbs: Why?

(Boulder-CO) I really hope this is a rumor. If the Nuggets really let go of the captain of this team without getting at least, at bare-freakin'- minimum, a prospected high first round draft pick in next year's draft they are getting robbed blind! This is a player that anchored an otherwise hapless defensive crew, led the league in blocked shots, and was in the running for the best rebounding clip all year long! But yet, somehow, the Denver Nuggets, allegedly, are unable to get more than a future second round pick out of the Clippers?
Talk about bringing a team to their knees.

In my player report card, I obviously had different ideas when the it came to relieving some salary cap room with the Nuggets' most interesting trade bait, "His stock will never be higher, the Nuggets will never be able to get more for him than they will be able to now, and for a team on the cusp of turning the proverbial corner he is certainly a tantalizing piece to take a chance on. However, unfortunately for the Nuggets is they are a long ways from thinking about putting on their turn signal and making said turn. And thus is a recipe for a big time trade in hopes of landing young talented pieces to build upon for the future sans Marcus Camby and his remaining 15.65 million dollars over the next two years."


Anonymous said...


A second-round pick it is. Unbelieveable -- wasn't he DPOY in '07? This front office is insane. Unless they have something really strange up their sleeves, this is just a horrible decision, and a complete coup for the Clippers, who will probably get our playoff spot while we fire George Karl and Iverson leaves for nothing. Unbelieveable.

So who's playing center now? Nene? Cross your god damned fingers. Maybe Steven Hunter developed a low post game in the off-season... I have no idea what they were thinking with this one except a payroll dump. Newsflash -- WE STILL HAVE IVERSON, MELO, NENE, and K-MART sucking up most of our payroll... this does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we got a $10 million trade exception. MAybe they do have something cooking. Still, WHAT THE HELL????

queentamara13 said...

I think it was a good deal (not a great one). What kind of market is out there for a 34 year old defense only player with a history of injuries. The Nuggets got all they could out of Camby while he was here, and i loved watching him, but at least when he has his serious injury this coming year (or next) we are not stuck with his contract. I assume that there was no team offering a first round pick... our front office wouldn't be that stupid would they?

Camby was a class act while he was here, and i hope his time in LA is good for him, and for the Nuggets.

ThaAnswer said...

So is AI wondering why he didn't opt out now? They better have something up their sleeve or they did AI dead wrong.

I didn't know about the $10 mil trade exception at first either, but it's a glimmer of hope. Hopefully the cap space will help us resign JR and make another move to solidify us as a playoff contender. (Billups GDit!)

Richard said...

I tend to agree with queentamara: an OK deal. I think the Nuggs wanted as LITTLE as possible to maximize the impact of the salary dump/trade exception ploy. A first round Pick next year would tie them to 4 years of guaranteed salary just when they are trying to clear space. If they retain JR, and have reasonable luck with Nene's health, they could hit draft day next year with a solid young core of Nene, Melo, JR and LK. Plus AI cheaper or cleared and the huge trade exception to dominate the draft/free agency scene.

Anonymous said...

So is Melo playing the 4? We have no big men. Who are we signing? Nene at C full-time? They better have a plan. this is just a salary dump, and they're basically admitting that the AI-Melo experiment didn't work (hmm, maybe try a new coach?) and so they go into rebuild/salary slash mode while they're still paying Iverson $20 mil? Okaaaay.

And when the Clippers inevitably have a better record than us (and our playoff spot), then we'll get absolutely nothing for one of the best defensive centers in the league. Injury history or not, he's been healthier in the past 2 seasons than he has since he was in his early 20's -- and he had his most productive year last season as well. This is a Grizzlies-like front office decision.

Commish CH said...

Easy guys, Steven Hunet will elad us past the first round.

Still scratching my head over this one. Salary dump? DUMP is the key word.

Nugg Doctor said...

Everyone just relax... Things may look grim right now, but I have talked with a few folks close to the organization that seem to think that this is merely phase one of a multi-faceted off-season that should (should be the key-word) make the franchise more competitive.

Nothing is postively sure as of yet, but there is still a lot of Summer yet to go through and, obviously, the Nuggets HAVE to be holding something up their sleeve.

I'll be looking at this move from every possible angle later today when I get back to the homestead and am able to get a more current and comprehensive salary/roster analysis underway.

For now...

Go Nuggets!

Robert said...

I love that when you look at the story on nuggets.com, they write out the entire number of 10 mil: 10,000,000. As though we'd see the number and be like "Wow! Look at all those zeros! This evisceration DOES make sense!"