Monday, September 29, 2008

DYK: J.R. Smith

(Boulder-CO) Here is the next installment of DYK. The player underneath our microscope is J.R. Smith, who did you know...

-J.R.'s full name is Earl J. Smith.

-J.R. also played football and baseball in high school.

-J.R.'s favorite sport other than basketball is football.

-J.R.'s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

-J.R.'s favorite food is baked ziti.

-He enjoys playing video games in his spare time, especially Madden and NCAA College Football.

-J.R.'s favorite movie is "Love & Basketball".

-He lists being named MVP of the McDonald's High School All-American game in 2004 as his greatest achievement.

-His favorite musical artist is Jay-Z.

-J.R. funded two adult literacy scholarships through HANO and was on hand for the ribbon cutting of the Pecan Grove Resource Center.

-He started the J.R. Smith Foundation, which helps children get accepted into St. Benedict's Prep where he attended high school in Newark, N.J.

Go Nuggets!

1 comment:

BallerBlogger said...

I really think JR could make or break the Nuggets season.

He and Kenyon are my X-factors.