Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nuggets 2008-09 Season Officially Starts

(Boulder-CO) We have all been waiting patiently (or in my case im-patiently) for the 2008-09 season to start and it has finally happened. Today, the Denver Nuggets opened up their training camp and there was a few surprise additions to their preseason roster. Nick Fazekas is a local product from Arvada, Ruben Patterson is an old familiar friend- a friend that was benched in the playoffs of 2006 against the Clippers, point guards "Smush" Parker and Mateen Cleaves, and rookie longshot from Clemson, James Mays.

Click here for the full training camp roster and preseason schedule.
Go Nuggets!

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UtahJazz said...

Looks like some pain is coming the nuggets way on Oct 15. Don't worry what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.