Monday, September 22, 2008

Rivalry is Good for Sports and Blogs

(Boulder-CO) Touché, worthy opponents and thanks for reminding/rubbing in Carmelo's opening night suspension.

The look on Chris Andersen's face is priceless.

Go Nuggets!


Kayce said...

That response is weak at best. Don't worry I have more stuff for you anyway including a picture that perfectly highlights the inferiority complex Salt Lake has to Denver.

I've been trying to get this rivalry up to the level of Raiders and Red Wings since I was in middle school and especially since I almost got kicked out of the Delta center for having a 'We Came All the Way From Denver to Kick Your Jazz' sign. It's on.

Nugg Doctor said...

The rivalry is strong already and finally with the emergence of a halfway decent Jazz blog I see it definitely growing. Just keep one thing in mind... these are Utah Jazz attempts to to talk trash! Who else would actually admit that high school musical was filmed in any sort of close proximity to their basketball team.

Also, I loved your plan for buying the Utah Jazz and moving the team from your site, Kayce. Classic stuff!

Kayce said...

Alright check my blog out now. It's not as great of a post as I wanted it to be, but I've had some problems with my computer lately so I haven't been able to post it.

Enjoy, and feel free to post any of it on your blog. Clearly mine isn't dedicated solely to the Nuggets, but I love being apart of this rivalry stuff. So whatever you can get out there is good enough for me!

UtahJazz said...

Looks like Boozer is giving Kleza a boost in that pic. Hopefully he can bust out this season. I think he will because it is a contract year this year. Coach K knew to keep the big gun on the bench, cause his D isnt like his boarding or scoring. Booze show me something buddy. But with Brewer Millsap and D-Will we got some young power. That plus Korver and Harpring or like I call them the "Mean D and the Magnificent 3" Wrap that sandwich up with a couple slices of Okur and CJ Miles. That is one tasty basketball meal. Not to mention if any McNuggets get close we have an AK-47. But in all seriousness It should be an exiting year. Even MarshMellow says he will be a different player.... I almost believe him. Just wanted to give you a little Jazz love

Ultimate Jazz Fan