Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Knee Update: Marcus Camby

(FortCollins-CO) Marcus Camby underwent a MRI on Monday to check the extent of the strain he put on his left knee. The MRI results were negative and Camby is listed as, "Questionable," against the Spurs on Wednesday night. Hopefully Marcus will be ready for Spurs because San Antonio is coming off a back-to-back game and eight of their losses have come as a result of playing the night before. A healthy Camby is crucial to the Nuggets chances of beating the defending world champions.


nanananana said...

come on camby, let the news be good! Thanks doc for the news! look at the look on his face...do ya think he's worried?

Ninam4840 said...

How could it be questionable? we need Camby to be 100% for the game! This is getting sketchy now. C'mon boys. Doc, will you please post the next update asap? thanks!