Saturday, March 25, 2006

Superior Nuggets Squash Sonics

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets never let the Supersonics even remotely within distance to pose a threat. Every time that it would have seemed that the Sonics were making a run and putting some pressure on the Nuggets seemingly insurmountable lead, the Nuggets would just counter punch and add a couple of more points to their cushion. The final at the end of four solid quarters with no Nugget lapses was a convincing 117-104.

Part of the reason why the Nuggets won this one so convincingly was the ability to play ten players. With that much consistent help from the bench, players stay fresh and can play at an optimal level in their minutes. The perfect example of this is Carmelo Anthony. Anthony only played 37 minutes, but scored 31 points and grabbed five rebounds. When he was in the game he played lights out. When he was on the bench, other players could play all out knowing that he would be coming back in soon.

A perfect example of bench support was Reggie Evans. Evans had a career high in points, 22, and pulled nine rebounds. I think that Reggie is capable of similar nights, maybe not quite as many points, like this every night. He has a very rare quality in players today. That quality is commitment to playing the game every play like it meant the game. He rebounds like a man possessed, which is all desire, and with that kind of hustle it should be no surprise if he becomes a double-double threat every night.

With both things firing on all cylinders it was easy for the Nuggets to put up big numbers across the roster sheet and easily handle the Sonics. Every time that I felt that the Sonics were going to make a run. The Nuggets would exert their force and put them back down around ten. Really makes you think about what this team is capable of.

Marcus Camby finished the game with eight points and thirteen rebounds. Andre Miller was also near a double double with nine points and 15 big assists. The Nuggets had ten players score and the Sonics were out matched in every phase of the game.

Not much more to say…

This win makes me nine for nine if you factor in my predictions for the five and two franchise record road trip. I’m not going to make a public prediction for the Suns. The reason being is I can’t bring myself to verbalize anything but the Nuggets winning, but lets just say I have a theory. Ok, Ok, so I basically said that I think that the Nuggets are going to lose, BUT keep in mind that they weren’t in all likelihood going to win out all the rest of the regular season. I see this Phoenix game being a tail end of a back-to-back set and the Suns are a new team with Amare Stoudemire back in the line up.

The potential loss could be a very positive thing. It can keep the Nuggets grounded and focused in a time where a touch of overconfidence can be fatal. The Suns are a good team, but by no means in a different class than the Nuggets. I hope that I put my foot in mouth on this one. We will know in a few hours. Go Nuggets!

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nanananana said...

nice article doc, congratulations on the predictions, seems as though you know what you're talking about when it comes to b'ball. Thanks doc!