Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nuggets Look Soft as Jazz Win Easily

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets had better get the kinks worked out in the next two weeks. In a game that I felt was a going to send a statement to the Utah Jazz and their fading playoff aspirations turned out to be exposing of just how susceptible the Nuggets may be when they don’t have all the players they need. I have to now kindly remove my foot from my mouth and retract the statement I made calling the Utah Jazz, the Utah ‘Junk.’ The Jazz beat the Nuggets like they stole something 115-104.

The only analysis I have to offer in hindsight to this pitiful showing by the Nuggets is they absolutely necessitate Marcus Camby to have any chance in the playoffs. Marcus was not available to play in last night’s game and every time the Jazz wanted a lay up it was as if they were merely scoring point blank and proceeding to collect two hundred dollars. The Nuggets were so weak on the interior that I do not think I would be over estimating when I say that the Jazz scored on 20-25 uncontested lay ups (I stopped keeping track after the second quarter). Its one thing to get beat by a team shooting a red-hot percentage on jump shots. It is another to lose playing ole’ defense every time someone drives the paint.

The effort was just not there last night. The Nuggets appeared out of sync with each other and sloppy for lack of better words. Utah dominated every aspect of the game. Utah had six guys score in double figures. Denver only had three. Utah also shot 58% from the field while the Nuggets could only connect on 49% of their attempts.

There isn’t much more to say…

The Nuggets have Minnesota on Friday night at Pepsi Center. This last showing needs to be stripped from the memory of the Nuggets. At one point in the game I saw a look on George Karl’s face that looked bewildered. This look of bewilderment could have been due to the lack of execution and intensity. The previously mentioned is something only the players can dictate and the Nuggets really mailed this one in. Discerning to see because the Nuggets should be building at this point on positives that are going to carry over to the post season, not searching for answers.

The Nuggets season is not a wash at this point (thankfully!). This loss doesn’t kill our pending position in the post season standings, but needs to be rectified on Friday versus the Timberwolves. Anything less than a win against Minnesota is reason for alarm in Nugget country.

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gucchi said...

Wishing the Nugg's luck and skill tonight. Let's see how bad they want a win. Either they play together as a team or they lose. Looking forward to the recap about a team that has drive.