Friday, March 10, 2006

Nuggets Pull Out Gutsy Win

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets have started off the longest road trip of their season with a tremendous come from behind win in Philadelphia. Being down as many as fifteen points with just six minutes to go in the third quarter it would have appeared that the Nuggets were going to lose this one to Allen Iverson and the Sixers, but the Nuggets had other plans. That alternate ending was to shut down the Sixers in the fourth quarter and pull out what I think was the most gutsy team effort of the season.

The typical breakdown was there for the Nuggets. On offense, Carmelo was the anchor scoring 29 points and squeezing ten rebounds along the way. Andre Miller was one point away, nine points in total, from a double double by sliding twelve assists to his friends. Marcus Camby joined Melo in the double double club by scoring 13 points and grabbing 14 rebounds. Camby also swatted five shots, including the game saver. Rueben Patterson was also big on the offensive end by coming up with 20 points in 29 minutes.

On defense, it needs to be mentioned that Greg Buckner and DerMarr Johnson were instrumental in nuetralizing Allen Iverson down the stretch of the game. AI would end the game with a game high 38 points, but in perspective, had to shoot the ball 32 times. DerMarr also rejected a shot by Iverson that would have potentially tied the game with only eight seconds left in the contest. On the following play, Marcus would host the block party by pinning the ball on the glass and coming down with the rebound to preserve the win for the Nuggets. The final score after Carmelo sealed the deal with two free throws would be 97-93, all Nuggets baby!

Next on the menu for the Nuggets is Toronto. The Raptors are a team this year with a couple of bright spots, but nothing spectacular. Chris Bosh should be handled by Camby with relative effectiveness and rookie Charlie Villanueva is the only other player you need to watch out for. The Raptors are 21-40 on the year and should be another win for the Nuggets.

The Nuggets could have easily mailed this one in last night, but they chose not to. By pinning down the defensive end for the final twelve minutes, they were able to overcome a lack luster second quarter and get the win. This type of win is more than just a stat in the W column. This type of win brings the Nuggets together with a cohesiveness that stays with a team for games to come. It is one thing to blow a team out and win; it is another to have to tear it away from the clutches of the home team on the road. The Nuggets have now won three straight. Make it four against the Raptors and let the buzz begin.


nanananana said...

GO BIG PATTY! 20 in 29? Phenominal! They are looking like a team to reckon with
and I hope you are right about the Raptors, now Nugg's, "LET'S ROLL!!!"

brick said...

good game against the raptors..GOOD GAME!!! THE NUGG'S GOT GAME!!!

Ninam4840 said...

What a great game!!! And the shot for this article... speechless. Lets go Nuggs!! We got this!