Monday, July 3, 2006

Nuggets Shell Out the Dough

(FortCollins-CO) The Denver Nuggets have finally accomplished something positive in this off season by signing Carmelo Anthony to a five year contract extension worth nearly 80 million. They have also agreed with Nene to a six year, 60 million dollar contract in addition to locking up Anthony. I am overjoyed to know that Anthony will be in a Nugget uniform for quite some time to come, but when I look at the Nene deal a sense of anxiety cloaks my feelings.
Carmelo Anthony was offered, and accepted, the maximum deal that he could have been offered. When Anthony’s agent was asked about what Denver had accomplished last season and what is going on with the personnel currently on the roster. Bill Duffy replied with this on his client‘s behalf, “I don't think he's given up on what Denver can do and he wants to be a part of that.“ Bill Duffy is the president of BDA Sports Management which represents ‘Melo and other elite stars.
‘Melo locked up for five more years means that the Nuggets now have the superstar that they have been lacking since the days of Alex English. The next step is going to be surrounding him with guys that understand their roles within the system, and who can accept those night in and night out. Nene could very well be one of the guys that can become a long term contributor.
The only thing that makes me a little bit concerned about Nene is that he is, and has been, a work in progress for three years now. Throw out last season as if it never happened and what you have is a raw talent with potentially unlimited amount of improving ahead of him. If Nene can become a Karl Malone type player, because he already has the body, Stan Kroenke has the opportunity to look like a genius with this signing. If he does not perform like everyone keeps forecasting, he will be a major thorn in the Nuggets side.
The good news is that the knee that Nene injured in the opening game of last year’s season has been examined by numerous doctors with quotes of, “Beautiful,” being expressed when evaluating his ligament recovery.
Something else that I can say is, “Beautiful,” is that with the Nene contract a done deal. That almost certainly means that Kenyon Martin is on his way out of town. There is no way the Nuggets need to keep him around anymore and anyone that they can get for the disgruntle forward that can contribute to this team is going to be a welcomed addition.
The ball is starting to roll in the right direction, FINALLY! The Nuggets need to keep making moves before preseason because even though work has been accomplished thus far. The roster is still the same as the one that crumbled to the Clippers in the first round last season. I will be on the lookout for Martin to be dealt as the next article of business the Nuggets take care of.

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