Saturday, May 26, 2007

The 20 Second Timeout is Perceptive

(Boulder-CO) One of my favorite blogs,, has a post up about why blogging is doing so well and how other mainstream media outlets are having a hard time keeping up with the most popular of blog sites. I highly suggest you give it a read, not only because David is a tremendous writer, but because this is a post that all of us in the NBA blog game can relate to. Give it a read by clicking right here.


ThaAnswer said...

Nugg DR, has anyone thought about the fact we have to face Oden and Durant 8 games a year for the next decade or so? Seems like we have a window of about 3 years to get this done.

ThaAnswer said...

Another note, in the new Maxim they have the Top 15 Most Notorious Nancies In Sports. Our own Carmelo Anthony topped the list thanks to the Knicks 'brawl'. It also humorously states "When it comes to fighting, he's cheaper than an anorexic lunch date!"

Other notables Adam Morrison at Kobe at #11, Adam Morrison at #9, and Glass Joe from Mike Tyson's Punch Out at #2 lol