Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey Rookie, Whadayaknow?

(Boulder-CO) Today my email was topped off with message sent by Jeff over at www.celticsblog.com and once again the man that brought us the NBA Blog Previews is at it again with another great idea. His newest concept is a Wiki, but this Wiki is for the rookies. Check it out by clicking right here. So this is how it works: First, we can all use it as a resource. It is up to me to inform you, the readers, about players by quoting it or linking directly to profiles. Second, we all have to add to it. We know about these players so everything we can collectively produce just makes it that much more of a comprehensive tool. Wikis are open for anyone to add to. Just click the edit button and go to work! The permanent link will be over in the blog roll so don't forget to check it out and add to it whenever you are not slaving for the man.

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