Friday, July 14, 2006

Francisco and Kenyon On Block, Who’s a Goner?

(FortCollins-CO) As of now, Nuggets fans are aware of the Spurs offering Francisco Elson a two year, six million dollar deal. The Nuggets acting GM, Mark Warkentien, has until next week to make a decision on what to do with the big man from the Netherlands. In addition, according to the rumors circulating on ,and in the local Denver newspapers, Kenyon Martin may be shipped to Minnesota for Marko Jaric and Trenton Hassell. Hoopshype also hints that all other trades with New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas have all lost steam in the last couple of days. Please say it isn’t so.
As much as it hurts me to say this, and trust me I’m writhing in agony, I hope that the Nuggets do release Elson, and keep shopping around with K-Mart. I know that I have been pleading for anything and anyone to be swapped for K-Mart, but I do not see Marko Jaric and Trenton Hassell helping this team. There just has to be a trade out there that can make more sense. Hassell is a defensive minded two guard and Jaric just doesn’t seem to fit what the Nuggets really need. Throw Ricky Davis in the deal, instead of Hassell, and now we are talking about feasibility.
Francisco Elson is not that big of a loss for the Nuggets. The big man from the Netherlands was hardly a big man at all. He rarely blocked any shots, and his low post game is… for lack of better words, atrocious. The Nuggets already have Marcus Camby shooting the ball from the top of the key about five times a game and they do not need another seven-foot jump shooter. Releasing Elson seems like the logical play in this situation.
Kenyon Martin needs to be traded for a scorer plain and simple. When are the Nuggets going to honestly assess what they need and make a trade accordingly? Hopefully soon, but in this case, haste makes waste. Keep shopping K-Mart around for someone who can run the floor, shoot the three, and if at all possible has the nickname AI. Pay the luxury tax and make up for it in Allen Iverson jersey sales. Its real easy in the NBA to play by the rules in finish somewhere around .500. The Nuggets need to make some serious evaluations and make something happen and I do not think Jaric and Hassell address what they are in dire need of. Sayonara Francisco, it has been nice while it lasted.

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