Friday, July 28, 2006

Nuggets Still Shopping with Wooden Nickels

(FortCollins-CO) I have been reluctant to post anything about this because I do not feel that the person in question is really going to make much of an impact for our beloved Nuggies, but I think that its time to give up the story. As I see it of course!

The Nuggets are most likely going to sign forward/center Jamal Sampson by the end of the week. I know what your thinking… Jamal who? But let me give you the scoop on this guy and why I don’t think that Sampson will do much but hold down the end of the bench in 2006.
First and foremost, the only reason I see that this guy is on the Nugget radar is because George Karl was responsible for bringing Sampson into the league when he was coaching Milwaukee. Now let us move on to the stats on Sampson. For one, he is very young. Sampson is only 23, and has only played in 50 NBA games in his career. In those 50 games, Jamal has averaged ten minutes of playing time, 3.9 rebounds and 2.4 points.

If all the rumors and reports in the local papers are true, then the Nuggets will be signing Sampson to a one-year, $798,112 deal as early as the end of the day. My question at this point is this… What are we going to do with Reggie Evans? Evans is a solid contributor on defense, looking the other way on the prison-rules-sack-grab on Kris Kaman, and is relatively a bargain for what he brings. But does the inevitable signing of Sampson mean that the Nuggets are potentially looking to lump Evans in a trade with Kenyon Martin before camp starts?

The future holds the answer, but one thing is for certain. Stan Kroenke and company aren’t going to be throwing fans any bones to chew on until the very last second. And finally, when are the Nuggets going to announce a General Manager? Camp is rapidly approaching, (I can’t believe its not butter or that its almost August), and before we know it the Nuggets will be tipping off the 2006-2007 season.

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