Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iverson Rumors are Back and More Serious

(FortCollins-CO) The trade rumors concerning Allen Iverson and the Denver Nuggets are recirculation and this time there seems to be a little bit more legitimacy to their pending reality. When Carmelo Anthony was asked about the potential link up with the leagues quickest player he stated, “I played with A.I. in the Olympics. I know what kind of player and person he is.”
So the details of a pending trade are foggy, but one would have to believe that either Nene, Martin, Camby, or Miller would have to be included, or maybe even a two man combination would have to be in the works.
When ‘Melo was asked about Camby being included in the deal he said, “You rarely find big men like that who can block shots, regardless to his injury status, you can't find big men like that.” Obviously he would not like to see Camby be part of the negotiations, and who can blame him? The line up of Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Marcus Camby is down right formidable. You could practically have two orphaned sisters suit up and be able to win games.
I think that if this trade is at all possible the Nuggets should do everything that they can to see it through. If they have to be penalized for exceeding the salary cap than so be it. The Denver Nuggets have never won a championship at any level and this would be a serious move to make that a part of ancient history. It doesn’t take a NBA genius to see that the main problem with this team is that they have no outside shooting, especially in the 3-point department. And Allen Iverson is an instant, and proven, remedy for all that ails the Nuggets.
Plus, Allen Iverson is at a point in his career where I believe that he is ready to put individual accomplishments behind him and seriously strive for championship hardware. He has already won scoring titles, been a perennial All-Star, and had a taste of the NBA Finals only to come up short. If there was ever a time to sign and mature superstar to a team that desperately needs leadership and ability this is it for the Nuggets.

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