Friday, December 21, 2007

Nuggets vs. Trailblazers: Game 26 Preview

(Boulder-CO) Seeing how we just played these jerks (I kid, I kid), I'm just going to tell you to read this and insert a "nine" where you see Portland's winning streak mentioned, "LeMarcus Aldridge will play" where the Trailblazer's leading scorer is said to be injured, and know that the Nuggets will be up in Portland tonight instead of at home.

I'm still riding high on that wave of emotion from last night's win. Who's with me?

Go Nuggets!


Jake L said...

Denver Post is reporting this morning that Nene "appears to be a thinner version of himself" and he wants to return next week. Hopefully this is good news if Kenyons injury becomes one that will keep him from the game for any amount of time

Manny said...

Nene thinner is always good, that means he'll have the hops to bring it down on the rim! We need him back.

Anybody know why Camby didn't play against Portland? ={