Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now We're Going to Get Tough?

(Boulder-CO) In a real gem of an article, George Karl says, "I think the players have kind of done it their way more often than doing it my way. As an organization, as a coaching staff, as a team, we're going to have to address that next year."

Well, well, well George how surprising to hear you admitting that things were, maybe, just a smidgen out of control... You certainly had all of us in the Nuggets Nation fooled. My only questions is why did it take until the end of the season for sudden this epiphany occur?
Protocol in professional sports is unbelievable.

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Stumbleweed said...

If the last times he's gotten "tough" are any indication, he'll just go air out issues with players to the media and embarrass everyone involved instead of handling it privately. He has a good track record there.

I want Avery so bad -- I'm not sure I can deal with another season of GK sitting on the bench sucking lozenges while the other team goes on a 10-0 run. If JR isn't starting at SG next year or at the least getting nearly 30 minutes off the bench, my hate will be renewed all over again.

At least it's pretty clear that the front office plans to re-sign JR -- they even said they'd match any offers, so that's a great sign. That was the major worry for me.