Thursday, May 1, 2008

Player Report Card: Steven Hunter

(Boulder-CO) A quick word about these player report cards and we'll get right into Steven Hunter. First and foremost, if you remember anything that I forgot to include feel free to speak up. It has been a long season and I certainly do not have total recall. Secondly, the grades assigned will reflect not only the player's overall statistical performance this year, but also will be determined by previous season's played. For instance, Anthony Carter had a career year in almost every statistical category (which is tremendous), but in addition his contributions will be evaluated by how they benefited the Nuggets overall this year. The last thing I would like to mention is how this year I'm going in order from least amount of games played to the most. This will surely mean that as we progress up the roster the reviews will become more lengthy and comprehensive.
Are we crystal?
So this year's low man on the totem pole is Steven Hunter. Steven appeared in a mere 19 games this season after starting the year with a relatively good shot to see some solid minutes. Granted, he did battle a knee injury early in the season, but I was very disappointed with the lack of Steven Hunter appearances this year especially when considering the injury to Nene.
My reasoning is simple: in Philly the season prior, Hunter produced his best statline across the board with 6.4 points and 4.8 rebounds in a career-high 70 games with 41 starts in an average of 22 minutes per game. Unfortunately, with the Nuggets Steven Hunter only saw action in a career-low 19 games averaging just a shade over six minutes per game. He also posted his leanest numbers of his six-year career with averages of just 2.1 points and 1.5 rebounds.
As for grading a season like this I think it would only be fair to assign an INC for incomplete. We just didn't see enough of Steven Hunter for one reason or another. Whether or not that reason is correctable should determine if Hunter is on next year's roster.
Go Nuggets!

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GeneralPhysician said...

I'm curious as to whether anyone can remember any reasons given throughout the season (knee issue notwithstanding) why Hunter played as little as he did.

As I recall, it sure seems like there were more than 19 games that were blowouts in the 4th quarter this year , and yes, most of 'em were with the Nuggets down. Why didn't Hunter get in those games?

Does Karl have that Larry Brown attitude of only playing his main guys? Kinda seemed like it this year.