Monday, May 12, 2008

Wild Speculations are Abundant

(Boulder-CO) As the off season starts to lean on all of us, we couldn't but expect there to be wild, and I do mean WILD, speculation to swirl like a Midwest twister concerning this franchise. And let's face it, the Nuggets have been a first round blunder for the last five years and it is probably time to start thinking drastic changes.

In an article very reminiscent of my original blueprint from last season, Woody Paige has outlined what he thinks the Nuggets can do to improve. However, I'll forewarn you... Woody has a few ideas that are, well... let's just say they are very "Woody".

Then there is this next piece written by Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel. Ira thinks that of all the Nuggets who are presumably "on the trading block" that it's Carmelo Anthony who would benefit the Miami Heat. And he even has a few ideas on how it would all work out.

And for the most entertaining, and quite possibly the most realistic, of trade scenarios I present an article from The Bleacher Report. I'm not so sure that a few of those proposed deals would line up financially, but hey, it's the off season and this whirlwind of who's going where is probably just heating up!
I'll also just throw this out there: I'll be writing "The Blueprint: Phase II" soon enough, so be sure to stay refreshed right here on The Nugg Doctor.

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Jonbear said...

I think the Nuggets would be ridiculous to trade Melo.
He's too young and while this year was a down year for him, you have to wonder how much that ankle was bothering him. I'm not sure I've seen him dunk the ball (in traffic that is) after that.
I wouldn't mind seeing Camby traded for Kirk Hinrich.