Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thanks for Clearing that Up, Calvin

(Boulder-CO) In the last few days we've all been hearing about a deal that would send 'Melo and Camby to the Nets for little more than Richard Jefferson, the Nets' 2008 lottery pick, and a few crumbs, but thankfully Carmelo Anthony's agent has put our minds at ease.
That is, at least, for now.

When asked if there is anything to the Anthony trade rumors as described 'Melo's agent Calvin Andrews was clear when he said, “Yes I have been reading about it…and I would say it’s BS right now.”
Am I the only one who sees the Nuggets getting the short end of the stick covered in fire ants in this hypothetical deal?
And if 'Melo is movable at this point in his career who is out there and available that would be of equal value for a soon to be 24-year old star with problematic off-court tendencies?
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David Rupert said...

i agree that maybe its time for Melo to move. BUT, to give him away would be an atrocity.

I would trade him for a point guard and at least two future first round draft picks -- one this year and another next year

Nugg Doctor said...

And with the Nets falling out of the top five in the lottery, this trade just went into the dumpster!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

nuggsfan15 said...

I for one, will refuse to watch/support the Nuggets organization if they pull off a "Bernie Bickerstaff" move such as this.

Melo is still young. He doesnt really have solid help. Look at the Spurs.