Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Very Strong Case

(Boulder-CO) I found this piece while sleuthing around on the Internet for Nuggets related content. It had fallen towards the back of my memory, but George Karl and his historically woeful performances while coaching tremendously talented basketball teams seems to be more than just mere coincidence. Kudos to the author for the enlightening history on what is otherwise a very solid coaching career.


Commish CH said...

that 2002 USA basketball tema was just a debacle. Karl looked hopeless on the bench, completely unable to grasp the FIBA game.

Sean T said...

All of this just means he is due. Maybe...

Jason said...

I hate to place all the blame on Karl for this year, but an awful lot of it should be placed on his shoulders.

He should have played JR more earlier in the year.

He should have worked Atkins back into the rotation and drastically cut down AC's minutes. I am sorry...AC is not an NBA calibre player.

The problem with Karl is he seems to lack coaching passion anymore. He has great knowledge of the game...but seemingly no desire to push the proper buttons to get the players to play the right way.

It is a shame that he will be back next year, because I can tell you he will not win a ring.