Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Game 43: Kings @ Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) I’m going to stray from my usual statistical analysis and lay it all right down on the line in regards to tonight’s Kings/Nuggets game. First off, the Nuggets should be pissed about letting the Houston game slip their grasps. Call aside, Denver still had every chance given to them to win that ball game. Forget about being tired, the Nuggets need to get even tonight.

The second aspect about tonight’s game to be aware of is if the Nuggets play four quarters of basketball. Since the Detroit loss, the Nuggets have scored their fewest amount of points per quarter in the third and it has really come back to bite them in their last three losses. There is no excuse for this. Coming out after halftime players should have their second wind, made their adjustments on both ends of the floor, and be ready to play. Enough of the third quarter collapse!

The final point I want to make about tonight’s game is scoring. It’s been over two weeks since the Nuggets put on a good ol’ fashioned ass kicking. The last one was against the Pacers on January fifth, and that feel-good win has a black cloud hanging over it because ‘Melo’s hand was broken in the process.

And with the way the Kings play defense…. They’re a perfect candidate to be the Nuggets’ next victim.

Sacramento allows the second most points per game in the NBA at over 107 ppg. It would be really good for the Nuggets to beat the Kings offensively like children with a piñata until the sweet candy of win falls over the Pepsi Center floor. Trust me, they need it - the Nuggets have only one victory in their last five games when scoring over 100+ points and it came in overtime against the Suns.

Go Nuggets!

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