Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Samb Traded - Prelude to More?

(Boulder-CO) The Rocky Mountain News reported yesterday that Cheikh Samb and cash considerations have been traded to the Clippers for a future conditional second-round pick. The move is obviously a salary play and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a prelude to a larger deal for a more "ready" big man.

What's unfortunate about the deal is I believe Samb really does have potential in this league. Intangible things like shooting and defensive presence are things you can't teach a big man and Samb had a decent foundation in these categories. However, the Nuggets are a team ready to make a front court move right now and really don't have the luxury of waiting for Samb to come around in other areas.

So, as I said, I'd be willing to bet that something is brewing on the back burner with Nugget brass. But, one thing is for sure: The Nuggets need help up front as I have detailed in losses to teams with a true BIG man and I think trading Samb is part one to a bigger plan.

Go Nuggets!

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