Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trouble on J.R.'s Horizon

(Boulder-CO) There is storm brewing on J.R. Smith's horizon. No, it's not with George Karl (this time), but rather with the law as he could be cited for contempt of court for failing to appear in Municipal Court on Tuesday in Millstone, New Jersey, for a pre-trial conference on traffic summonses related to his car accident resulting in friend Andre Bell's death back in June of 2007.

But his problems don't stop there.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban evidently has it out for Smith in defense of his own player. Cuban's war path stems from the final seconds of the first half when Smith threw an elbow toward the head of Dallas swing man Antoine Wright that missed. Cuban stated in the linked article above, "I do take exception with players throwing elbows that could have severely injured one of our players. I was very cordial in letting Mr. Smith know (at halftime) that I will be turning it into the league, and I expected him to be suspended for it.''

In an attempt to smooth things over, J.R. Smith sent a peace offering to the Dallas locker room last night that wasn't graciously accepted by Cuban after the Nuggets prevailed in the final seconds of regulation. Smith's offering was a pair of signed shoes of which Cuban sent back with this message, "I sent them back, saying he should sell them, if you could get anything for them, to help pay for the fine he was going to face.''

If they were the shoes worn in his 1-14 shooting performance I can't blame Cuban for sending them back...

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