Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Melo Not an All-Star Not All Bad

(Denver-CO) It's official. Carmelo Anthony was overlooked by the coaches of the Western Conference and will not be an All-Star this year.

My take?

So what!

These exhibition games are more important to the fans than the players themselves anyways and the snubbing is going to light a fire underneath him of the likes of which we've never seen. You watch just watch as Carmelo Antony takes this as a slap in the face and sticks it to every Western Conference coach the Nuggets face when he returns. I'll even goes as far as saying this is actually a good thing for the Nuggets in the long run. Follow me here... it gives 'Melo a full week to work himself back into shape right after he returns from the broken bone in his hand (hopefully tomorrow night against the Bobcats) and another week for him to stew for a bit longer after he gets his first taste.

The results are going to favorable because Carmelo Anthony takes a lot of pride in his image. From his sneaker line with the Jordan brand to his reality show, "Carmelo's Way", it's pretty clear this is the case and to not be considered one of the top 12 players in the league, hands down regardless of injury, after he played a major role in the USA bringing home the Olympic gold medal from Beijing this summer is going to make him want to prove himself even more...

Thank you, coaches of the Western Conference. Carmelo and crew will be seeing you soon!

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