Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Melo Out at Least Three Weeks

(Boulder-CO) The basketball Gods have spoken and have put 'Melo on the shelf for at least three weeks. The good news is the fractured finger in 'Melo's shooting hand will not require surgery.

THIS JUST IN: Any trade rumors involving Linas Kleiza have since died. Someone get me a ticket on the L-Train!

The silver lining in all this is with 'Melo sidelined we are going to really see just how good tradable Linas Kleiza truly is. In the past, I've analyzed Kleiza's production as a reserve compared to as a starter and if the stats tell even a partial truth the Nuggets should be OK as long as the rest of the crew picks up some extra slack.

This injury could also expedite any trades concerning solidifying the frontcourt the Denver front office was mulling around in an attempt to compensate for 'Melo's absence.

Go Nuggets!

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