Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Campaigning for Camby

(Boulder-CO) Last year Marcus Camby did not win Defensive Player of the Year in my opinion only because he missed 26 games for various different injury related reasons. His numbers were there, (12 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, and 1.4 steals), but those in the position of power didn’t feel that he was the NBA’s best defensive player.

Fast forward to the present. Marcus Camby is the leading candidate to win top defensive honors, but there is a twist in this year’s campaign for a much deserved Defensive Player of the Year honor in the Mile High City. A twist that seemingly doesn’t make too much sense to me.

This season, Marcus Camby has been nothing short of sensational once again for the Denver Nuggets. He boasts 32 double-doubles in points and rebounds, a nine block performance against the NOOCH, and a 22 rebound performance against the Lakers. The season highlights are obviously there, but Marcus has been much more than just a couple of incredible box scores. He has been a foundation for the Denver offense because when Marcus locks it down the Nuggets are able to jumpstart that fast breaking offense we have all come to know and love. So, fundamental NBA wisdom would lead us all to believe that offense starts with defense, and if the Nuggets are known for being one of the NBA’s elite offenses, than Marcus Camby is an elite defensive player!

The season numbers for Marcus are incredible. The Captain has averaged 11.4 rebounds (5th in the NBA), 3.3 blocks (1st in the NBA, and might I add almost an entire block better than his nearest competition), 1.24 steals (24th in the NBA with only one center, Ben Wallace, ahead of him in the standings), and if there was a statistic for altering shots I’m sure he would be running away with that as well!

The only thing that doesn’t sit well with me is how Marcus Camby should be DEFENDING his title instead of potentially winning it for the first time. Last season Marcus Camby led the league in blocked shots at the same clip per game, grabbed slightly more rebounds with an average that would have been good for third best in the league had it not been for injuries, and stole more balls! I guess I have no choice but to digress, but it would have been even more fitting in the event that Camby does win top defensive honors this year that he would have been DEFENDING his title from last.
Go Nuggets!


Sean said...

Yo Nugg Dr,
I couldn't agree more. Camby should come away with the Defensive POY award this year no problem. However, I heard a rumor from Yahoo sports that the Nugs might be shopping Camby after the season is over since they extended Nene's contract... any thoughts??

I personally think it is just a rumor and pray to God it remains just that.... keeping my fingers crossed.

BMer916 said...

Yahoo! just reported that the Nuggets will try to move Camby in the offseason with the emergance of Nene.

I personally think there's no chance, Camby is the Leader of this team. Nene is injury prone and hasn't proven he can stay healthy for an entire season.