Friday, April 20, 2007

Motivating the Nuggets Nation

(Boulder-CO) The anxiety while waiting for the playoffs to start has the Nuggets Nation really buzzing. But to ensure we are all ready for game one to pop-off here is very inspiring youtube clip of former Nugget Dikembe Mutombo. Get ready Nuggets Nation, we are in for a wild ride! And to be sure you know the ins and the outs of this series be sure to check back tomorrow night for my series preview for your Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs.

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Jon-Michael said...

Here's a question for all those long-time Nuggets fans. Who was the more dominant defensive center for the Nuggets? Mutombo or Camby?

I think it's a push personally. Statistically, both were about the same. Both among the leaders in blocks and rebounds.

I would have to say as far as being a team player, Camby to me was better. Mutombo became a very me-first player after that upset in the 1994 season. Camby has always been a professional when it came to the team aspect of the game.

Maybe I'm a little biased after meeting Mutombo for an autograph in 1993. Deek was definitely not a people person to put it nicely.