Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Idolizing Red’s Army

(Boulder-CO) I have to admit a couple of things after reading the latest Carnival of the NBA posted at www.redsarmy.com… First off, this edition of the NBA Carnival has got to be the funniest, most thought-out, and down-right creative of all of the Carnivals to date. To take a concept like American Idol, bastardize it slightly, poke fun at yourself, and link all the greatest hoops blogs out there together in one flowing post is nothing short of pure genius! Second, I have to admit to rooting for Sanjaya because it is the seemingly easiest outlet for my anti-American Idol sentiments. And lastly, Paula Abdul was a fox, is a fox, and will most likely remain a fox until the end of all mankind. Well done, fellas. Red is without a doubt looking down and is mighty proud. Click here to be magically whisked away to the 43rd Carnival of the NBA!

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