Thursday, June 28, 2007

Obligatory and Redundant KG Rumor Post

(Boulder-CO) Since everyone else in the free world seems to think their franchise has a chance to land Kevin Garnett why should the Denver Nuggets be any different? Now obviously due to the fact that Kevin Garnett will most likely not be traded, just like every other off-season, the Nuggets have no chance of landing the Big Ticket, but since everyone else has a cockamamie plan to lure him away from Minnesota. I figured I would join, “KG Madness”, on the day of the draft only for the sake of good measure. Not to mention unless something really bizarre happens… This day means nothing to the Denver Nuggets, who have no selection in tonight’s draft.

It is no secret that Kevin Garnett is set to make $22 million bucks for his basketball services next season, (the most of any player in the NBA), and that it would take a wholesale of players to get him in Denver. But since this is KG we are talking about, let’s have some fun and see who the Nuggets could ship away.

Right off the bat you know I’m putting Marcus Camby in the bundle. Camby’s stock is at an all-time high right now and it would only make sense to trade one big man for the other. The only problem is KG is set to make almost triple what the Camby-man is next year and now we must talk fire sale.

Now who better to bundle than the well rested Kenyon Martin? K-Mart is set to make $14.1 million next season and between he and Camby that leaves the Nuggets with just a smidgen more than a million to go before landing the Big Ticket! The Timberwolves are gaining the Defensive Player of the Year and toughness in the frontcourt with the aforementioned duo, but obviously Garnett’s 22 points and 13 rebounds are far more valuable than that. I’m thinking that if any sort of ridiculous hypothetical trade is worth doing than the Nuggets would need to also give up some scoring to tickle Kevin McHale’s fancy.

After looking at Minnesota’s salary cap situation, I think that the best idea, and with keeping this post completely redonkeylips, would be to throw Linas Kleiza in the deal. Who needs a back-up small forward when you have Carmelo Anthony playing nearly 40 minutes a game? If Denver wants to have over 50% of the Western Conference’s starting All-Stars next season they are going to have to part with LK’s $1.01 million in salary next year to get Garnett, (laugh).
So there you have it!

Stop reading all those reports from all the experts about a three or even four team blockbuster trade. The Denver Nuggets are the front runners to land Kevin Garnett! Just like Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and anyone else I have failed to include in the latest installment of, “KG Madness”.

Have fun in Minnesota next year, Kevin. Mr. McHale isn’t going to let you out of Hades for anything less than Jesus himself in a brand new pair of high-tops.


kcorner89 said...

i wish the sixers would do something like this... i can respect your nugg pride, though.

Nugg Doctor said...

I appreciate your respect, kcorner89. I hope you also found my humor in this post to be of your good nature.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Lil Dice said...

Thanks for making me laugh, Dr. Nugg.

Nugg Doctor said...

I aim to please, lil dice! I'm glad that you found this post to be exactly what it was meant for... HUMOR!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Addison said...

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Geerten said...


I read this on

"Drafting Stuckey, a combo guard who can get to the basket, allows the Pistons to possibly shop Flip Murray to a team that could use some veteran backcourt help."

Is that a possible solution for the Nuggets??? Murray is pretty experienced, and still only 28 years of age when the season starts in November.

Your thoughts?

Commish CH said...

yo, Jesus can ball. He led the NBA (Nazareth Basketball Assoc) in pts scored, rebounds, assists...basically everything. He's basically uncheckable. Another blunder by McHale if he doesn't make that trade.