Monday, June 4, 2007

The Lakers and Other Things Make me Laugh

(Boulder-CO) Marc J. Spears of the Denver Post wrote in his yesterday offerings, “Word is the Nuggets laughed at the Lakers last week when they called dangling butter-fingered big man Kwame Brown for Marcus Camby”. Do I dare ask who could not laugh at that? Kwame Brown has been reported to have the smallest hands of anyone who has ever grown to be that tall since the creation of man and his numbers have been the most embarrassing thing to happen to a number one overall pick since, well, since Michael Olowokandi!

Another thing that makes me laugh is the Nuggets potentially landing Ron Artest. Let me first say that if they do pick Ron-Ron out of the trash I will strongly consider jumping ship and start writing a blog on the Utah Jazz! He is the epitome of what is wrong with professional sports today and I personally would not bat an eye if he never played in the NBA again (highly unlikely, but hey…). How a guy with a NBA-busy schedule still has enough time to get into that much trouble is a mystery to me. I’m thinking about renting a skywriter and having the pilot write, “No Ron Artest in Denver”, right over the Pepsi Center! Hopefully Nuggets management will get the memo.

Also keeping me doubled over in laughter was how everyone jumped right on LeBron’s case after he dished the final shot to a wide-open Donyell Marshall in the corner in the final seconds of game one. The defense collapsed on him and he did what he should have been done! What did everyone want him to do? Luckily, all those writers that questioned his “killer instinct” can now find their oh-so familiar spots on his derrière for the four or five games that it takes the Spurs to dispose of the Cavs. The Spurs are in a class of their own, and I am just glad that the Nuggets gave them what you can argue was the best series of their inevitable championship run!

And finally, the last thing that gives me the chuckles is Kobe Bryant. He is an All-Universe talent, that much is a given, but he is also an All-Universe knuckle head for the flip-flop routine he produced last week in regards to demanding a trade, I mean, wanting to stay, wait a minute, maybe wanting to be traded if the situation is right. Poor Kobe, the man needs a good publicist to run his ideas by before they become headline news.


Anonymous said...

I think Kobe's move was not only smart as hell, but calculated before-hand. The whole thing was just saying, "Look, give me some damn help or I'm gonna be a big-ass problem for everybody here." And it worked. A day later, the front office is trying to get Jermaine O'Neal and Marcus. So I give Kobe credit for that, even if on the surface he came off as wishy-washy or spoiled. And when you play like that, you earn that kind of clout on a team in my opinion.

I wish the Lakers had a good PG we could trade Marcus for...

Commish CH said...

Kwame Brown for MC? Was that a segment for Punk'd or something? I'd rather have the original Kwame and his polka dot shirts than Kwame Brown. Maybe things are really a mess in Laker Land