Tuesday, June 5, 2007

You're Invited to the DT Block Party!

(Boulder-CO) I have been reading, "Skywalker", written by David Thompson in preparation for a massive Historical Glimpse article and some of the recounted stories are absolutely amazing! I wanted to embed this YouTube clip of DT swatting Bill Walton, but the creator has disabled such feature. You will have to bang this link to watch it, but if you have never seen Thompson in action I highly suggest you do. The guy had the type of hops that legends are made of!


Commish CH said...

the legend is DT couldn't only take a quarter off the backboard top, but he could break it into 2 dimes and 5 pennies on the way down.

Nugg Doctor said...

Legend indeed because the only thing that I have seen that comes even close is James White just barely missing a ruler taped as high as the top of the backboard. The youtube clip is sadly removed because of a third party copyright tangle.

Sean said...

Thompson is a legend no doubt, but lets not forget The "Goat" (Earl Manigould (sp?)) who was also rumored to have grabbed some money off the top of the backboard, when he was in High School!! Also, don't forget the epic double dunk!!