Monday, June 18, 2007

Would the Rockets be Interested in Camby?

(Boulder-CO) I had a long and very candid discussion today with a die-hard Rockets fan, (you know who you are), and among the many things we discussed the most interesting topic was once again rooted around Dikembe Mutombo. And more importantly, what it would take for the Nuggets to land him in Denver.

If Houston does sign Mutombo this off-season, my friend tends to think that if the Nuggets were to offer Marcus Camby for Rafer Alston and Dikembe that both teams would greatly benefit. On the one hand, the Nuggets land themselves a legit point guard with a nearly 3:1 assist to turnover ratio and a 36% success rate from downtown. Plus, they would feel salary cap relief that Skip’s $4.5 million dollar contract would provide and have a back-up center for Nene in Mutombo. On the other, Houston would gain an interchangeable player that could play the four along side Yao, and in the event that Ming plays less than 60 games, (a mark that he hasn’t been able to meet the last two seasons), Marcus could slide over and play the five for the Rockets. Not to mention Houston just traded Juwan Howard for Mike James to bolster their backcourt along side Tracy McGrady.

Think about all that for a second…

Denver gets a true starting point guard and a defensive minded back-up center who provides the Nuggets with the flexibility of being able to play Nene at the four spot if both men were to be in the game at the same time and Houston gets an insurance policy for the fragile Yao Ming at center and a player that thrives coming off the weak side help.

Both teams win!

Anyone else think that this is mutually a great move for all of those involved?


Mike said...

As a Denver fan currently living in Houston, I think this would be a huge mistake for the Nuggets. The Rockets didn't trade for James to add depth; they acquired him because Alston is considered ineffectual at the point.

I can understand why a Rockets fan would jump at this trade; they'd be addressing their largest area of need (point guard had been their most glaring weakness prior to the James trade, now they need a 4). In return they'd be giving up a backup center on his last legs and a player they really don't want. If this trade went down, Houston would be robbing the Nuggets blind. Having watched each team last season (including seeing them head-to-head in person) I feel comfortable in saying I'd rather have Steve Blake running the point for my team. Trading a player of Camby's caliber for a guy the other team is desperate to dump just sounds preposterous to me.

Sean said...

I like. Hopefully the Nugs front office likes too. I think this would be a great deal for the both teams.

Haig said...

You also didn't mention that Alston is an above avg defender that avg. 1.6 stls/game last year. But its his 3 pt shot that's what's attractive.

What's his contract situation? Seems like Houston wants Alston and James to compete for starters minutes and somebody's gonna lose. Would Houston really puts their eggs in Mike James basket? or will they move him instead?

Alston's 3 pt shot is definitely a better fit for the Nugs.

Problem is, when AI is playing PG (50% of the time), Alston sits (or else we end up with two PGs trying to defend taller guards).

But I'd do the trade simply because he's an upgrade from Stevie B.

Maybe we can pick up Yemi Nicholson to play 3rd string center too.

ThaAnswer said...

Doc, no offense but in no way does that make sense for the Nugs. Trading away the defensive player of the year for a year or so of Mutumbo and Rafer Alston, who never met a bad shot he didn't like? This is just wrong on so many levels

Nugg Doctor said...

Thanks for the differing opinions from everybody! You guys all raise very valid points, both pro and con, and the theorhetical aspect of this was certainly food for thought.

Nugg Doctor said...


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