Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are the Nuggets Destined for Rings?

(Boulder-CO) The questioned asked in the title of this post was also pondered by the guys over at www.nobloodnofoul.com and I really enjoyed their analysis. Some of the highlights of their breakdown were judging George Karl’s historical coaching tactics through the media, Denver’s superstar power, and Denver’s lack of defense. The guys even go as far to refer to the Nuggets as the, “Enver Nuggets”, because there is just no “D” in The Mile High City. And with last year’s defensive rankings who can blame them? Be sure to read the entire article by clicking right here.

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JM said...

I agree with many of the points here, but an F on defense is ridiculous.

Phoenix for the last few years has been just as deplorable, and they get pretty far in the playoffs. If you're giving up 105, of course you're going to look bad defensively. But who cares when you average 120? What do these so called "experts" expect? 120 points a game on offense and 70 points a game on defense? This isn't the FIBA's and they aren't playing Panama every night.

As far as defense is concerned, a more accurate way of determining a teams defense is by gaging the point spread on their offensive vs defensive points every night. Denver defense isn't perfect. I agree that their perimeter defense is bad, and they tend to give up open shots, but they also won nearly 50 games last year amid the problems with the fight in NY, the Iverson and Boykins trades.

It may be premature, but I think the Nuggets will win 55 this year. They have more in place than people realize or are willing to give them credit for, and they are going to surprise people.